Project Pan: Update #2

I am on a mission! A project pan mission to be exact. What the hell is project pan? Click here to get familiar then come on back and read on.

This month was not nearly as successful as last month but I will not give up. I have broken a few rules by buying backups of things I know I like before I’ve actually finished up my current bottle. But don’t mind that. Let’s jump right on into this months update. 


Last month I finished off 3 of the 4 items in this photo. The only thing I have left are the Bobbi Brown buffing grains which are going to take me awhile to use.


I’ve actually gravitated back to the Tarte Maracuja oil this month. I find myself reaching for it more and more. I use it prior to applying my serum. Yes that may seem a bit extra but it’s been working for me.

I’ve finally used up the Tarte face spray. I loved it in the beginning then found myself dazed and confused by the mid bottle point. I was no longer in love. In fact I found myself forcing myself to use it. I think something happened with the sprayer. Maybe it got a bit clogged. I noticed the mist wasn’t dispensing as evenly as it once was which made me not want to use the product anymore. I’m not sure if I will purchase this any time soon. I prefer the Marcio Badescu one for refreshing and I’ve found some other sprays I prefer for setting. So I don’t really have a need for the spray at this point.

I have not touched the Jack Black moisturizer.


Hurray! I finally used up all of the damn Acure dry oil. This one was tough for me. I really loved the citrus ginger scent but that’s about it. I prefer to use oils versus lotions to moisturize my body. Typically I use olive oil but have been on the hunt for something new. I thought this would be a great oil. Something simple and easy to apply that smells amazing. NOPE! Trying to spray the product directly on my skin was a mess. It misted oil all over the floor making it entirely too easy to break your neck in your own house. Spraying it into the palm of my hand worked much better. The problem then became the product didn’t work. I would have a nice sheen after applying but the oil just sat on top of my skin. My legs would still feel dry after the oil rubbed off. So! No I will not be repurchasing this product. I’m thinking about trying out almond oil next.


Yippee! Another one bites the dust! I finally used up the coconut lip oil by Milani (the clear/yellow looking one) AND, get this, I’ve even started working on the rose one. WHAT?????? I know. I am still combining the lip oil with Dr. Lipp lip treatment and it is still working wonderfully.


I also finally have an update on one of the face mask from my original post. I just used up the remainder of the rose face mask by FRESH. I can’t lie, I was so impressed by this face mask that I am looking to possibly buy the full size, or at least get the travel size, and try some other ones from the brand. Previous to using this mask I’m not sure if I had any experience with FRESH products (I guess if I did they weren’t memorable).

I can now say that their rose face mask is AMAZING! One of the best face mask that I’ve ever used. It is meant to hydrate and it does! You will notice your face feels touchably softer. I never knew how much my skin needed hydration. I assumed that since I am oily, I needed to concentrate on masks and products that combat that. The issue with that is most of those products are drying because they are meant to unclog pores or suck out impurities. Along with sucking out impurities it’s sucking out the natural oils in your skin. Using the FRESH mask made me realize even my oily skin needs hydration.

I know Sephora offers FRESH products as bonus items sometimes. If you see the rose face mask, do yourself a favor and get it for the free! It’s worth it.

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