Creative Dinner…

Hey people!!!

I’m getting better at creating healthier dinners. It was a struggle at first but progress is happening. This week I threw together shrimp, left over pasta (yes it contains diary. I made an exception for my birthday), and salad. It was quick and easy. It took longer the thaw the shrimp then it did to create the dinner. The sprinkles you see on top are essence. What is easence? Basically it’s the leftover seasoning from the pan I cooked the shrimp in. It added some nice flavor to the salad. 

Next time you are in the kitchen and don’t know what to cook. Stop, take a breath, think about what’s in your frig, what needs to be used, and let your mind be creative. You’ll be surprised what you can think up on the spot if you give yourself a few minutes. 


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