Oldie but Goodie!

Hey People!

My birthday just passed and I decided to treat myself to a few beauty items that I’ve been wanting for a while now. One of those things was a moisturizer. Not just any moisturizer, my favorite moisturizer.

In trying new things, branching out into different brands, I forgot about my rollie! The Hydrating Gel Cream by Bobbi Brown. This little lady is $58. Yeah, $58. Which is why I have not re-upped on it in quite some time. I decided to wait until I got a Nordstrom note so that I could apply that and knock the price down a bit. Side note: A Nordstrom note is basically cash back from Nordstrom’s for spending “X ” amount of dollars.  

Once I finally reached the point to get my next note. I decided to go ahead and finally restock. Coincidentally, there was a 15% off sale going on on all Bobbi Brown products. The rep told me the sale was through the end of today (3/20/17). 15% off made the price $49.30, then using my $20 note brought the price down to $29.30. $58 to $29.30? I’ll take it!

I forgot how much I love this stuff! All Bobbi Brown skin care has the same scent. It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly it smells like. What I can say is the scent is soft and milky (don’t judge).  Bobbi Brown makes 2 hydrating face creams. The difference is one is made with oil and one without. The one in the frosted jar is the gel cream (made without oil). The one in the glossy jar is the face cream (made with oil). I prefer the gel cream because I have oily skin. The less products I use containing oil the better.

What I love most about the hydrating gel cream is it feels so moisturizing without being greasy. It absorbs into my skin beautifully without leaving any sort of film or residue. I use it morning and night. Its light enough to use underneath makeup. Also heavy enough to use at night for deep hydration. If you have a few dollars to spare I 100% encourage you to give the gel cream a try if you are oily, or the face cream a try if you have dry skin. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!





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