Project Pan…

I got this post idea from Beauty Blush. Back in November she did her first post. I just read it (along with the monthly updates) and thought it was such a great idea. I decided to join in Project Pan. For those of you that may not know what it is, Project Pan is a way to save money and declutter your makeup/beauty/skin care stash. You pick items you want to ‘hit pan’ on (basically use up completely) and you use those things until they are gone. Not buying new items within those categories until you’ve used up what you have. At least that is how I interpret Project Pan.

This month I’ve purchased alot of makeup and skincare. I realize that I am on a slippery slope. Reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos will make you want to buy everything! If you don’t have some sort check in place before you know it, you will be spending way more money than you anticipated on makeup and skincare. Also having a beauty blog I want to make sure I continuously have subjects to post about. Which leads me to justify buying products, and more products, and more products (does this happen to anyone else?). Project Pan is just the check I need to stop me from the spending spree I seem to be on and to force me to use the things I already own.

As you will see, most of the items I want to use up are skin care items. I have grown to thoroughly enjoy testing out skin care products which can get expensive. Usually I will buy travel size products to test out before grabbing the full size. What ends up happening is I have travel sized bottles everywhere. If I fall in love with a particular product I want to jump off the ledge and buy the full size before I finish the travel size. Now I have the full size AND the travel size. WHY? Makes no sense I know. If I don’t fall in love, I usually get halfway through the bottle, try something else that I like more, and the original product sits in my drawer, cabinet, or closet until I get fed up and decide to throw it away. Such a waste of money right? I know…

Project Pan is going to force me to use the things I have whether I love them or not which will help me clear out space and save money. As I said most of the things I want to use up will be skin care related but there will be a few makeup related items as well.

Here we go! So the items I want to use up are:

Skin Care:

  1. Tatcha cleasing oil
  2. Tatcha rice enzyme powder
  3. Tatcha Essence
  4. Tarte face spray
  5. Tarte Maracuja oil
  6. Milani lip oils
  7. Neutrogena cleansing face oil
  8. Bobbi Brown buffing grains
  9. Fresh rose face mask
  10. Boscia black mask
  11. Mario Badescu facial spray
  12. Pixi glow tonic
  13. Jack Black face moisturizer


  1. Vitamin E oil
  2. Acure dry oil spray
  3. Dr. Lipp
In order from left to right: Jack black moisturizer, Tarte face spray, Mario Badescu rose face spray, Tarte Maracuja oil

I use the Jack Black facial moisturizer. It’s really light weight. However I didn’t realize how much product I was getting. I feel like I’ve been using this thing forever and I’m not nearly finished. The sucky thing about the packing is you cannot tell how much you’ve used and how much you have left.

Originally I could not stop talking about the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea spray. It can be used a multitude of ways and smells amazing. The reason I stopped using it so much is the spray bottle. It does not mist out the way I like. The force of the spray is pretty aggressive and doesn’t spray out evenly.

The Mario Badescu facial spray is a classic case of my getting 85% finished with a product then moving on. Which means this corner of product just sits in my drawer. NOT ANYMORE! I will finish this!

I just purchased the Tarte Maracuja oil. I’ve used this before and am pretty confident I will finish it. I’ve found myself eyeing a few more oils/serums but I don’t want to buy anymore until I use this bottle.

In order from left to right: Neutrogena cleansing oil, Tatcha cleansing oil, Tatcha rice enzyme polish, Bobbi Brown buffing grains

I am a 75% done with the Neutrogena cleansing oil. I like it and I think it works really well. However after using the one by Tatcha I noticed just how much of a fragrance the Neutrogena one has which I don’t really care for.

I LOVE Tatcha‘s packaging. It is clean, sleek, and simple. BUT you cannot see how much product is left which sucks because you never know when it’s time to get a backup until you’ve completely run out. I love this cleansing oil and have already purchased another one. But I need to get through this one before I buy anymore cleansers.

I also have the accompanying rice enzyme polish from Tatcha. LOVE! Again I’ve already purchased another container and as you can see from the photo below I’m only halfway through this container.


The buffing grains from Bobby Brown are one of my holy grail skin care products. The bottle is pretty big. I used to go through this product pretty fast. Every since my skin has smoothed out and calmed down I find that I don’t need to exfoliate as much or with as harsh of a product. The rice enzyme powder mentioned above is also an exfoliator but a MUCH gentler one.


The Pixi glow tonic is an oldie but goodie. I typically go through spurts where I use no other toner but this one. Then I get sick of it and need to switch it up. I’m in the part of my cycle where I need to switch it up. I’m almost done with this bottle, I just need to stick with it. For the record I really enjoy the toner, the fragrance doesn’t bother me and I think it works well for oily skin (which I have).

The small bottle is Tathca’s Essence. It’s basically Tatcha’s version of a toner. It came as a free item in my most recent Sephora order (which you can see here). I don’t really care for it. It just feels like water on your face. Shiseido has an essence also that I love! If you prefer using an “essence” over a classic toner. I recommend the one by Shiseido.


I have not tried too many things from Boscia. The one thing I did try broke my face out really bad so I’ve been nervous to try anything else. This is a peel off mask which I’ve used once before. I did not notice any reaction after I used it so I want to finish off the bottle.

I just started using this rose face mask by Fresh. It sat in my medicine cabinet for months before I even cracked it open. I thought I was going to run through this container since it’s so small. But it has taken much longer than I expected. The mask is amazing! You don’t need much to cover the entirety of the face which is why its taking me so long to get through this freaking container.


I’ve talked about these Milani oils in my Don’t Waste Your Money: November 2016 post. Some I love and some not so much. These 2 are in the not so much category. The one of the left is primrose and the one on the right is almond coco. I don’t care for the smell of the almond coco. Primrose doesn’t seem to really do anything for my lips.

Dr. Lipp is something I ran across last summer. I was looking for something to moisturize my lips with that was a bit thicker. I thought it may work better than a regular moisturizer. I do like the product. It is very thick. I like using it at night before I go to bed. I started using other lip products and the Dr. Lipp got pushed to the back and never finished.


The last 2 items. WHEW! Almost there. Stay with me.

I got the Acure dry oil spray from Whole Foods. I like using oils for my body versus lotions. I spotted this and decided to give it a try. I love the scent. It’s citrus ginger. The oil itself is a combination of marula and argan oil. Although it smells amazing it does not moisturize. The areas where I have severe dry skin like my elbows and the heels of my feet the oil does nothing! When you first apply it everything looks good. But once it dries my elbows were just as ashy! I like using olive oil way more than this. BUT I spent my hard earned money on it so I need to use the rest.

And finally, The bottle on the right is Vitamin E. I got this a few months ago when my husband was having some skin issues. Now that it’s all cleared up, we don’t use the Vitamin E anymore and it has been collecting dust in my drawer. Well NO MORE! I plan on using the rest of this bottle by combining it with my olive oil when I moisturize my skin at night.

If you are still with me, thank you! I know this was a long one. Hopefully I will be able to stick to Project Pan, save a few dollars, clear out some space, and update you on my progress in the meantime. If you need to declutter but don’t want to throw halfway used items in the trash, join me in Project Pan. I would love to see what you want to declutter and your monthly progress. Tag me on social media (all linked below this post) or leave a comment and I will check it out. Lastly, make sure you Like, Share and FOLLOW before you go……


  1. Brittney Ross

    I wish I could use Pixi products; I had a terrible reaction after using them, but then again I have what feels like the most sensitive skin of all time. I absolutely love the Fresh rose face mask though. It does such a great job of hydrating and soothing my irritated skin!


    1. M.Morris

      Hey, I don’t know why I am just now seeing all of your comments. Weird. Anywho, that sucks! I have not tried anything from Pixie except the toner. I want to try the eye shadow palette they released and one of the face sprays.

      Liked by 1 person

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