Don’t Waste Your Money: November 2016

November has come and is basically gone. It’s time to get caught up on things I’ve tried this month. This is the “Don’t Waste Your Money” November installment. If you missed October, make sure you check it out. Let’s get right to it…

This is the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray. I used to use this spray a few years ago and loved it. It was the first facial mist I ever tried. Recently, while cutting through JC Penney, I saw this spray and decided to revisit it since I used to love it so much. I got the travel size ($15). I could not wait to use this product that I used to love so much. As soon as I sprayed it my opinion instantly changed. I didn’t like it AT ALL. It smells awful. Like a bottle full of chemicals. It doesn’t feel moisturizing, nor do I notice a different when I use this prior to applying my makeup.

I’ve been raving about these Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatments. I stick by the ones I raved about. However I’m finding that all are not created equal. My fave by far is the Healing Lemon Honey. These 2 are my least favorites so far. The red one is the Repairing Primrose and the white one is the Moisturizing Almond Coco. The smell of the Almond Coco makes me nauseous. Neither of them really seem to moisturize or do anything at all for my lips. It feels like the oil just sits on top of the lip and never absorbs.



You know how when you’re in line they have all the travel sized stuff just staring you in the face? All the testers are out and before you know it you are testing out stuff and grabbing this and that because it’s only $5, $10, $12 bucks……Well that is what happened to me with this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the color Opal. I have this same product in the pressed powder but in the color Topaz. I swatched Opal on the back of my hand and thought I could work with it. Turns out, nah! I love how the liquid can be combined with your moisturizer or foundation but Opal just doesn’t work for ya girl. The website describes this color as ‘golden pearl’ and I see why. The ‘pearl’ effect leaves what looks like a sheen on my skin when I mix it with my moisturizer. The Topaz color I have is more of a bronze, gold and blends more with my skin tone. I think this product would be great if perhaps I got it in Topaz. Unfortunately they only have 2 colors in the travel size, Opal and Moonstone which is a really pale looking color. Which makes this a miss.


And finally, the NARS Ita brush. This brush was raved about a few years ago. You could not watch a makeup video without seeing this damn brush mentioned. I finally broke down and bought one and I HATE it! Hate is a strong word but for $55, strong words need to be used. It sheds like crazy EVERY time you wash it and the bristles are not the softest. I used to use this for bronzing because I don’t really contour. The shape does make it super easy to blend with precision, but the bristles felt really scratchy on my face. I can’t even remember the last time I used this brush! I am so upset that I bought this brush and never returned it. Such a waste of $55! There are so many other companies that make softer, better, and cheaper contour/bronzing brushes. Please, please, don’t waste your money!


If there is anything you’ve tried and hated please let me know int he comments section so I can be sure to stay away and not waste my money! Let’s save each other gas, multiple trips to the store, and disappointment :). Talk to you soon….

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  1. Anonymous

    “Hate is a strong word but for $55, strong words need to be used”. Love this so much 😂 I agree with you 100%; if I spend money on something, I expect it to reflect the price! I’m still looking for that Healing Lemon Honey lip treatment. As always, great post!


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