Project Pan: Update #3

It’s been 4 months since I started Project Pan. Where am I? How many things have I been able to knock off my list?

Below is my original list. Anything that has been struck out means I’m all done.

Skin Care:

  1. Tatcha cleasing oil
  2. Tatcha rice enzyme powder
  3. Tatcha Essence
  4. Tarte face spray
  5. Tarte Maracuja oil
  6. Milani lip oils
  7. Neutrogena cleansing face oil
  8. Bobbi Brown buffing grains
  9. Fresh rose face mask
  10. Boscia black mask
  11. Mario Badescu facial spray
  12. Pixi glow tonic
  13. Jack Black face moisturizer


  1. Vitamin E oil
  2. Acure dry oil spray
  3. Dr. Lipp

You see it! I’ve managed to empty everything on my list except 2 things! In the photos below I marked with a green ‘X’ the items that I’ve gone through between update #2 and now.

img_9125-1Now that I am done with this bottle of Maracuja oil by Tarte I can officially say I really like it. The one thing to keep in mind is since it is an oil and not a serum it’s not meant for fast absorption and can therefore be a bit heavy if you use too much. I use it as the last thing I apply to my face over my serum and moisturizer at night only. The reason I use it last is so that it acts as a sealant for the layers of moisturizer I applied previous to the Maracuja oil.

I have not touched the Jack Black moisturizer.

img_9126Although I am not done with the buffing grains from Bobbi Brown I am about 75% done. Once I’ve finished this bottle I may take a break from this product.

I love how much this exfoliator lightens my dark spots but the grains are pretty rough and I can’t help but think they may be damaging the unscarred areas of my skin and maybe even increasing the size of my pores. (I have no evidence of this. My pores have always been large but I don’t think these grains help minimize them).


I am finally all done with the peel-off mask by Boscia. I have to say it is a WINNER! I really liked it. It was very gentle to be a charcoal mask. It pulled out all blackhead, whiteheads, and any other nasty impurities that had settled in my pores.


I am so glad to say I’m done and leaving the Milani rose lip oil and I won’t be looking back! I think I’ve tried enough of the lip oils by this point to say that I do not like the majority of them. In fact the only one I did like was the honey one. None of the other oils seemed to absorb or nourish my lips. Very disappointing.

Dr. Lipp was something I struggled getting through. It’s very, very thick and took FOREVER to get through. It is good to use at night as sort of an overnight treatment. I was not blown away, but it wasn’t bad. If this is something you want to try, I found mine at Anthropologie.

And that’s folk! Short and sweet this month. This may be the last Project Pan for a few months as I only have 2 items left and they are going to take a while to get through. I’m proud of myself! Is anyone else reading participating in Project Pan 2017? If so, share your progress with me. I want to cheer you on :).

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  1. Shai

    I’ve started a few ‘projects’ this month in order to declutter and downsize my makeup collection. It’s honestly a little overwhelming and I hope that I’ll be able to stick with it and not get discouraged! You’ve done great so far! I look forward to seeing your next project!


    1. M.Morris

      Thanks for reading. Initially it was easy to go through products while the excitement of the challenge was new. Once time started to pass and new products started being released. It was hard to stick to the challenge. Lol. I’m so happy to finally be down to just two products.

      Liked by 1 person

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