Foodie’s Paradise

Grocery Run…..

Why hello! In the words of Jay-Z, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK! Last week I was got married and enjoyed a week-long honeymoon. No emails, no blogging, no worries, and no stressing of any kind. I just wanted to unplug and enjoy the moments. While on my honeymoon I didn’t abide by any […]


Today’s Juice

Snacking on some Nature Box, watching Criminal Minds. Finally getting to relax. Wondering what I’m sipping on? See the ingredients below. I made it myself.  Ingredients: Dandelion – 1/4 bunch Cucumber – 1 Dinosaur Kale – 1/4 bunch Beets – 4 Aspargus – 1/2 bunch Lemon – 1 Tangelo’s (oranges) – 2 FYI: The juice […]


Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Last weekend James and I decided to try Luxe Kitchen & Lounge. It’s located on Cleveland’s westside. We’ve driven past it plenty of times but never stopped. Well we decided to change that last weekend. When we walked in we were greeted by a friendly young woman and promptly escorted to a high-top table near […]