Helio Terra Vegan Cafe

This week while looking for something to eat for lunch. I decided to try this vegan cafe up the street.  I think it’s relatively new. The name is Helio Terra Vegan Cafe. Turns out they have a pretty extensive menu. One of the largest I’ve seen as far as vegan places I’ve eaten. 

The cool thing about the menu is its broken down between cooked and raw foods. They also have smoothies, cold press juices, and breakfast options. 

On my initial visit I got the “Rueben”. The “meat” was seitan which is something I’ve never had before. And to be honest prior to having the Rueben I’d never even heard of it. Seitan is basically wheat gluten. When it’s cooked it resembles meat in both appearance and texture. 

This sandwich was so freaking delicious! Part of it could have been it was about 2:30pm and I was starving but man, so good! By the second half I was getting more of the seitan consistency. It wasn’t bad I could just tell more and more that it wasn’t regular meat.  

I enjoyed the Rueben so much that I revisited Helio today for lunch. I’d already perused Helio’s Instagram which is packed with photos of what I assume is some of their more popular items. After some scrolling I’d decided to get the rotini bake. While waiting I over heard a pretty cool conversation between 2 patron’s. One older and one younger. The older gentleman was basically schooling the young cat on being vegan and how to go vegan successfully. After about 7 minutes I finally got my rotini bake. 

This like the Rueben was really good. I wasn’t sure what to expect but upon first bite it was surprisingly tasty. You get a pretty hefty serving so keep that in mind. Once it cools the sauce gets a bit thick so I ate half and saved the other half. Also I noticed the more you eat the more cashew you start to taste from the sauce. 

The thing I like most about Helio is everything is made to order. They do not have items pre-made sitting around just waiting to be ordered. It may take a little more time but the taste is so much better, fresher. I got to quickly talk to the chef, Austin, who is a pretty cool guy and seems to know his way around this whole vegan thing. 

Helio is located in downtown Cleveland. If you are near downtown and looking for some vegan eats. Check them out. 

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