Grocery Run…..

Why hello! In the words of Jay-Z, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK! Last week I was got married and enjoyed a week-long honeymoon. No emails, no blogging, no worries, and no stressing of any kind. I just wanted to unplug and enjoy the moments.

While on my honeymoon I didn’t abide by any dietary restrictions except no red meat. I ate all the cheese, bread, and butter my heart desired. Once I stepped foot back on my property, the lavish life was over and I was ready to return to normal. No diary, low sodium, and no red meat.

Before leaving, I emptied and cleaned the frig so I returned to NOTHING but salad dressings, vitamins, and other condiments. It may look like I bought a lot (which I did) but that’s because I was starting from ground zero. I normally don’t have to buy that much stuff on my weekly grocery trips. Below is what I got from the grocery store:


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