The Quick & Dirty About Dairy-Free Life

Back in February I decided to go dairy free. I’m human and I still enjoy good food so I am not 100% dairy free all the time. I still allow myself to have cheat meals from time to time. However I am way more in tuned to the effects dairy has on my system. Below is what I’ve noticed since going dairy-free:

My skin cleared up dramatically. I’ve battled acne since high school. I don’t have cystic acne or anything nearly that severe but I suffer from consistent breakout. My skin is rarely ever pimple free. That is until I eliminated dairy from my diet. I noticed after about 2 weeks my face was clearer than it has been in years. I also noticed when I am falling off the wagon my face is the first thing to let me know.

I feel less fluffy. After eliminating dairy I noticed that my stomach was much smaller. I didn’t have the same pooch I had when I ate a lot of milk and cheese. It just felt tighter. No matter how much I ate. I never had that bloated feeling. That “ahhhhh I need to go take a nap or walk this off” feeling.

I lost weight. Without changing my exercise schedule or activity level I lost weight. I never noticed how much food dairy is actually in. There’s either milk, butter, or cheese in almost everything! Especially restaurant prepared food. Also, a lot of frozen foods from the grocery store have some form of dairy or dairy derivatives in them.

I have more energy. I don’t eat red meat and only eat chicken on occasion because my significant other is plant-based. With the addition of no diary my meals have consequently become lighter. Making it easier for me to fall asleep at night. It’s also much easier for me to wake-up in the mornings for work or morning workouts. I don’t have that sluggish, just 5 more minutes feeling.

My digestive system is more efficient. I eat way more fruits and vegetables allowing my body to more efficiently absorb nutrients and discard what is unnecessary.

All in all it’s been pretty amazing. Becoming more in-tuned with my body and how different ingredients affect me differently. If you’re even the slightest bit interested I would recommend trying it for 2 weeks to see what differences you notice.


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