Foodie’s Paradise


So there is a relatively new juice bar in downtown Cleveland called Restore. It is fantastic! The juices are awesome, the people are really friendly and nice, and the ambiance is clean, sleek, with a hint rustic. I just love this place. Below are a few of their juices that I’ve tried. I can’t wait […]


The Amazing Chef Zan

Last night one of my very good friends celebrated her birthday at ThornCreek Winery in Aurora, Oh. We ate, drank, and were merry. Once things started slowing down, my husband and I ordered our last glass of wine and were preparing to say our goodbyes. Enter Chef Zan, a small stature woman, rocking a fun, […]


Grocery Run…..

Why hello! In the words of Jay-Z, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK! Last week I was got married and enjoyed a week-long honeymoon. No emails, no blogging, no worries, and no stressing of any kind. I just wanted to unplug and enjoy the moments. While on my honeymoon I didn’t abide by any […]