Clifton Wine Bar’s Vegan Menu

A week or 2 ago my husband and I were looking to get out of the house and do some brainstorming. We live in a big city with a pretty fantastic food scene BUT sometimes it’s hard to find places that offer a variety of food options. My husband and I are pretty much dairy free which means most of the time if we go out, we are eating off the vegan menu (if there is one available).

As luck would have it we decided to try somewhere we hadn’t been in quite a while, Clifton Wine Bar. I vaguely remember them having a vegan menu. Nothing extensive but at least they had one. So we got ready and headed on out.

We opted to sit at the bar and was greeted by the friendly bartender. I browsed the regular menu, then decided to ask for the vegan menu. To my surprise the bartender pulled out another menu just as nice and large as the regular menu. As I opened the binder I was so excited by what I saw. Stuffed mushrooms, ac and cheese, tofu lasagna so many options! We were too excited.

For our appetizer we got the spring rolls (which I didn’t know at the time but the wrap contains egg. This was not notated on the menu, at least not at the time we went.)


The spring rolls were phenomenal! By far the best dish of the night. The rice was bland but it’s not supposed to be the star of the show, so, no big deal.

For our entrée I ordered the chickpea meatballs. Unfortunately they were not the best. They were made of a combination of chickpeas and falafel. I’m not sure I’m a falafel girl, which may be why I didn’t care for the meatballs. The saving grace was the sauce. The sauce was pretty great.


My husband got the vegetable stir-fry, Thai peanut style with tofu. His dish was delicious! Very flavorful and a hearty portion. I would definitely get that whenever we go back.


(The photos are a bit grainy, my apologies. It was pretty dark and I was using my cell phone.) 

Coincidentally, the night we went was the first night of the new vegan menu. It was kismet! Overall, I would definitely go back, just stay away from the chickpea meatballs. If you live in the neighborhood and are interested in visiting Clifton Wine Bar., for a little vegan food. The full menu is below. *Note: This is not the exact same menu from the night we visited.*




If you’ve been to this place and tried some of the vegan choices, let me know. What should I get the next time I’m in the building?

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