This is going to be short and sweet.

Bruno Mars’ new album XXIVk Magic is gold! I love it! It’s so fun and playful. There are a total of 9 songs (Bruno is good for a short album). The energy he’s giving I love. 24K Magic, Chunky, and Perm all give me Cameo, Morris Day and The Time vibes (super old reference. If you are too young to know those references, go ahead and do your YouTube searches).  The rest of the album gives me New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man, Candy Girl, Popcorn Love vibes.

The thing I love most about the album is the playfulness. He’s not taking himself too seriously. He’s talking cash shit about how fly and fresh he is but it’s not rude or disrespectful. There are a few sad love songs but they aren’t whiny, Keith Sweat whiny. It’s more like 80’s sad love song.

I’ve listened to the album 3 times already. Yea, 3 times. I’m so excited to see his performance this weekend in the American Music Awards!

The album is available on both Apple Music and Spotify. My favorite songs are Perm and That’s What I Like. The chorus on Perm lays me out every time I hear it! Simply fantastic!


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