My Favorite Sushi in Cleveland

My hands down favorite sushi spot is Ginko’s. I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across this spot but it’s amazing. It’s like my own little hidden secret. If you are not looking for it you will walk right past it and I love that.

Ginko’s is under its parent restaurant Dante’s in the Tremont neighborhood. When you walk down the stairs and turn left there are slim double doors you walk through. Once through, you feel like you are in a whole other place. A completely different region. You are greeted in Japanese and escorted to your seat. Once seated, a server will bring over hot towels for you to cleanse your hands with.

I usually order puff tea and some kind of veggie roll. Last time I got the veggie tempura and it was AMAZING

James got the soft-shelled crab (which he said was pretty damn delicious). I didn’t try any but it looked amazing.


I’ve also had the regular veggie roll and I believe the California roll from here as well. Everything I’ve had eaten from Ginko’s has been phenomenal. If you are a sushi person I would highly recommend checking this diamond in the rough out.

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