Review: Melanin Haircare

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Today we are going to discuss a haircare line created by popular, longtime natural hair vlogger, Mrs. Whitney White or Naptural85 and her sister. In October of 2018, after 6 years of working behind the scenes, Whitney announced the creation of her haircare brand, Melanin Haircare. In February 2019, products were released. It took some time, but I finally got around to ordering the product in March of 2019.

A Few Notes: There are 2 hair products and 2 apparel items. Both hair products are safe for the whole family. From mommy to baby. The line is silicone, paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, phalate, petroleum, and formaldehyde free.

Thoughts While Shopping:

  1. I like the landing page.
  2. The landing page photo, is not the best photo of Whitney I’ve ever seen.
  3. The entire collection is here on the landing page so I don’t have to go clicking around the site to find all the products? Perfect!
  4. These prices aren’t bad. Actually, they’re pretty good for the amount of product you get.
  5. I love how each ingredient is connected to a hyperlink that clearly explains the ingredient and what exactly its used for.
  6. Mmmmmmm, I don’t like this shipping fee. SHIT IS AN ARM AND A GOT DAMN LEG ($10)!


Shipping is free on orders over $45. Here’s the issue, if you only want the actual hair care products (which is all that I was interested in), the total is only $35 which means you have to (1) eat that $10 domestic shipping fee, or, (2) purchase an additional hair product or, (3) purchase an apparel item. Ether way, you are paying what I call a small business tax.


I did not run into any issues ordering. The site ran quickly. Most of the functionality worked properly. The products were in-stock. I got my confirmation email very expeditiously (S/O to T.I. *crying, laughing emoji). I placed my order on Thursday, 3/21. My order shipped 3/21. My order hit my front door on Tuesday, 3/26.

Packaging: Both products were simply placed in the shipping box. They were not housed in any additional packaging. Which to spoke volumes about how secure the packaging was. Most oils have a tendency to leak and the fact that this oil was not placed in any additional packaging let me know that the bottle and fastener were the truth!

I loved the packaging of both products. The container for both products were similar yet different. The container for the Twist Elongating Cream, was clear with black writing and a peach/pink lid. The container for the Pure Oil Blend, was clear, tall, with white and black lettering.

*As someone who’s LOVED writing and fonts ever since I can remember, I loved the font and color combination Whitney chose for her website and products. Most people don’t care about or notice that stuff, but I do.*

Getting back to the packaging, I appreciate that she chose to use clear containers so people could easily tell when they are running low. There’s no guess work regarding how much product you’ve used or have left. *Two thumbs up! Brownie points*

Actual Products

The Twist Elongating Cream Styler is lightweight. The texture is very whipped. If you’ve ever tried Oyin’s Whipped Pudding, that texture is very similar to the Melanin Haircare Cream. I quickly learned that a little goes a long way. Because the product is so whipped and light feeling, I was going in with MUCH more than what I needed when styling my hair. the fantastic thing is, even when I used way too much, my hair never felt heavy, weighed down, or like I needed to wash my hair. It always absorbed into my strands leaving my hair feeling pillow soft.

The Pure Blend Oil is actually a dual purpose product. It can be used as an hair oil, body oil, or both. I tried using it as a body oil. It was okay, nothing that knocked my socks off so I stuck with using it for my hair. Again, this product was AMAZING! I typically applied the oil after using the cream to seal in the nourishing ingredients of the cream. Again, my hair never felt heavy or weighed down. The oil absorbed into my hair and didn’t simply sit on top of my strands. Sometimes hair oils have a tendency to break me out (from my hair rubbing across my face) I didn’t experience that with this oil.

Overall Thoughts

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this line! I’ve been using the products for 3 months now and have nothing bad to say. I’ve also been using both products on my toddlers hair and her hair has flourished noticeably since introducing the Melanin Haircare products. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention above. Scent: the Twist Elongating Cream has a faint cocoa smell that disappears quickly. The Pure Blend Oil has a soft sweet almond oil smell that also disappears quickly.

Brownie Points: The brand is very active and responsive on social media. Before using on my toddler, I reached out to clarify if the products were safe for infants/toddlers and the brand responded within 30 minutes.

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