Project Pan: Melanin Haircare

Hey People!

So this is going to be short and sweet. I’ve already done an extensive review on the founders, the company, the website, and this product which can be found here.

Here we’re just going to focus on my updated thoughts on this product.

Product: Twist Elongating Styling Cream

The good – Off the bat, size. You get a full 16 ounces of creamy, wonderful, goodness for only $16.99. You can’t beat that. I also love that this cream is silicone, paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, phalate, petroleum, and formaldehyde free. The cream has a whipped consistency which I found works best on dry hair (in my opinion). This styler does a really good job at rehydrating dry hair. I love that it is safe to use on the whole family from mommy to baby.

My daughter has VERY thick, tightly curled hair which is naturally super dry. Her hair is usually styled in braids and I use the Twist Elongating Cream on her clean dry hair before I start braiding. After I’m finish styling her hair with the cream, I usually put some oil on my hands and run my hands through her hair to seal in all that good moisture! I’ve tried using this cream on my wash & go’s and I did not like it. Which leads me to……..

The bad – As mentioned, I tried using this product on my wash & go and I did not like it. My hair didn’t feel super moisturized when it dried and it didn’t do anything to help uniform curls. Using this product alone, my hair dried very fuzzy and frizzy. This cream although moisturizing and packed with fantastic ingredients, is a very, VERY lightweight cream. The way my hair is set up, I need something heavier (at least for my wash & go’s). My hair responds best to butters, gels, and creams with a more liquid consistency (versus whipped) because its naturally so dry.

Overall, this is my 4th or 5th container of this stuff so needless to say the positives greatly outweigh the negatives for me. I tend to use this more on my daughter for the moisturization it provides and the amazing ingredients. This will continue to be a staple in our haircare routine.

*Tip: If you find (like me) that this product is too light weight for your hair, try following up with a heavier hair oil to help seal in that moisture and add a little weight. I use the Penetrating Argan oil or Damage Remedy Coconut Oil from OGX.

Proof that it’s all gone!

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