Project Pan: Amenda Beauty

Hey People!

We’re back to talk about another body butter. If you can’t already tell, I love body butters! Generally, body butters work better on my skin then lotions.

Today we’ll be talking about Amenda Beauty’s Malakos Body Butter.

I can not remember how I discovered this brand but after reading the owners story (which can be found here) I had to try at least one product. At the time I was going through what I thought was the diagnosis of a thyroid issue (which turns out, was not a thyroid issue). I identified with the owners experiences and wanted to support. I figured a body butter was a safe choice. Although all body butters are NOT created equal, it’s pretty hard to completely mess one up.

Review – Amenda Beauty is a small business but you would never know it. The company is fast, responsive, and the packaging is sleek, simple, and professional. The day after I placed my order I received notice that my package had shipped. THE DAY AFTER! I placed my order on a Thrusday, It was shipped by Friday, and at my door on Monday.

Where do I start with the packaging. I LOVED the packaging. The body butter comes in a clear, heavy 8 oz jar, with a shrink wrapped lid and the sleekest, simplest label. The text is clear. The ingredients are clearly marked. Even after using the product and getting some residue on the jar, the label never smeared, bubbled up, or came off. Just amazing. My experience with ordering and shipping was better with Amenda then with other larger business that I’ve shopped with!

The product inside is just as impressive as the package it comes in. The consistency was this light, whipped cloud of goodness that melted easily in the warmth of my hands. The resulting buttery oil absorbed into my skin without a trace. There was no residual residue. My skin had a “glowing from within” look but no greasy, sticky, or oily film. By the time I’d treated my body to a good rub down the product had already sunken into my skin. Once I started using this butter I did not reach for anything else until it was used up.

I’ve since ordered and used a few other products from Amenda Beauty and each time the shipments have been quick, the company has been responsive to any questions, and overall I’ve liked the things that I’ve tried. This is a non-toxic beauty brand if that is something you are conscious of.

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