Review: Jaclyn Cosmetics – So Rich Lipsticks

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As I’m sure you’ve heard (or maybe not) Jaclyn Hill, popular YouTube beauty guru, finally launched her cosmetics line. On May 23rd Jaclyn released a video talking about the launch and swatching up her arm. On May 30th, she dropped the goods!

Me being who I am and knowing how Jaclyn releases go, I set a reminder in my phone for the launch day and time so I would have no issues. And I didn’t. When my alarm went off on May 30th, I promptly headed over to Jaclyn Cosmetics purchased what I wanted and checked out with no problem. Everything was in stock, the site was very responsive, I didn’t experience any interruptions while browsing or checking out. Everything went smoothly.

Miscellaneous Thoughts (as I thought them) While Browsing The Site:

  1. The landing page is nice. Very sleek & clean feeling.
  2. I love the landing page photo! Werk Jaclyn!
  3. Some of the photos in the “about” section are a bit gaudy, but that’s Jaclyn.

A Few Facts

  • Individual lipsticks are $18.50
  • They are vegan & cruelty free
  • There are 3 options to shop. Individual lipsticks ($18.50), trios ($49), or the the whole collection ($295)
  • Shipping is free on orders over $45


As mentioned, I didn’t experience any issues ordering. I placed my order around 12:15pm. I received a confirmation email around 2pm. I opted for standard shipping and since my order was over $45, shipping was free. June 1st, I received an email letting me know that my order had been shipped. I received the package on June 7th. From shipment to delivery took 6 days which matched the time frame referenced on Jaclyn’s site (standard shipping is 3-6 days).

I loved the confirmation and shipment emails. They were not your cookie cutter “Your order has been received.” “Your order has been shipped” emails. They felt a bit more personal and fun.


The packaging wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. After watching Jaclyn’s announcement video, I thought the tubes were going to be WAY more gaudy then they actually were.

The tubes are covered in silver glitter sparkles with ‘JH’ on the closure. The closure itself is a snap closure. There’s a sticker on the bottom that states the shade name and a big diamond like structure on the top of the tube. The fake diamond I hated. But, it goes with her brand. Dipping back to Jaclyn’s photos from her site, there are diamonds and glitter in almost every photo.



I ordered the Nude Tease trio which looking at the website looks to have 1 pink nude (Fussy), 1 brown nude (Hot Toddy), and 1 purple nude (Control Freak). The theme or slogan for the lipsticks is “So Rich. So Buttery. So Good.”



Let’s tackle each claim:

So Rich: 2 of the 3 lipsticks (Fussy and Hot Toddy) seemed to have the same or at least a similar formula which was very rich in texture and very creamy. 1 of the lipsticks (Control Freak) was a bit drier (not dry just drier than the other 2).

So Buttery: As mentioned, Fussy and Hot Toddy were very buttery. Hot Toddy was the richest and the most buttery of the three. Control Freak glided on well but the formula was noticeably drier than Fussy and Hot Toddy.

So Good: If you have done even the slightest amount of Googling of these lipsticks you’ve probably seen the drama! If you haven’t, the long and short of it is the sanitation and freshness of the lipsticks is being called into question. People (seems like a lot of people) have received lipsticks containing hair, fuzz, bubbles, and holes. Some folks have received discolored lipsticks which allegedly may be indicative of mold.

2 of my 3 lipsticks seemed fine. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. 1 of my lipsticks did have a fingerprint and 2 large slits on the side of the actual product.

Overall Thoughts

Starting from the top. I liked Jaclyn’s website. I thought it was very professional and well done. The theme of her brand matches her online persona. Everything felt very “Jaclyn”. The ordering process went smoothly. I wish the confirmation email would’ve come through sooner but, it was launch day so I get it. No brownie points deducted. Shipping took a little longer than I expected. The packaging/branding was consistent. From the overall box, to the trio box, to the individual lipstick boxes, to the lipstick tubes all flowed.

As you can probably feel, overall I liked the lipsticks. I thought they were pigmented, rich, and buttery. However, I CANNOT recommend or suggest purchasing them. After becoming aware of all the issues, I went down a rabbit hole. The bottom line is, I am not confident in the sanitation of the products. Even though 2 of the 3 lipsticks I purchased appeared to be unscathed, one of my lipsticks did have a clear print and slits in it. A few small brands including Marlena, creator of Makeup Geek, have made statements (statements that make sense) about what possibly happened at the lab to cause all the contamination’s. (RawBeautyKristi did a fantastic video showing close-ups)

I really like Jaclyn. She was the very first channel I subscribed to when I joined YouTube many moons ago. Her video’s have taught me alot about this makeup thing. She is the master of blending eyeshadow. I said it! I really wanted her to win with this launch but it’s not looking good. I hope she makes a video to address what’s been going on. Until then, I’d suggest staying away from the lipsticks.

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If you are interested in seeing what the shades look like, I did also do a video review.


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