Review: Alaffia Cleansing Conditioner

Hey People!

Alaffia is a brand sold at Whole Foods. It is an ethical brand that makes products for body, skin, and hair. I noticed while perusing the site that most of their products have coconut or shea as one of the first 3 ingredients. I also noticed that none of their hair products are over $18.50. Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, the Alaffia Cleansing Conditioner is not sold on their website.

I purchased the cleansing conditioner for $7.67 at Whole Foods (that may have been a sale price. Full price was $8.99 I believe). It can also be found on Amazon for $12.49.



  1. It didn’t cleanse. After washing my hair twice, I still felt like I needed to go back in and wash my hair with an actual shampoo.
  2. The product disappeared into my hair. I had to use half the tube in order to get any sort of coating on my hair. (I’ve since washed my hair again and the tube is done! That’s how much product you need to coat your hair)
  3. My hair didn’t feel abnormally soft. On the front of the tube, it states ‘hydrating coconut’ so I was expecting my hair to feel softer. Nope!

Silver Linings:

  1. Once my hair was coated, detangling was a breeze.
  2. My strands felt very sleek after rinsing the product out.

Overall Thoughts: I did not like this product for its intended use (to cleanse). The only hair type I can see this working for is VERY fine, easily weighed down hair. I did however love it for detangling. It’s one of the best detanglers I’ve used throughout my 5/6 year being natural. The price is very affordable and I like the empowerment programs the brand offers.

All in all, if you are looking for a detangling conditioner, go ahead and give it a try. If you are looking for a good, cleansing, conditioner that will leave your hair feeling clean, this ain’t it!!

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