Review: Curlsmith – High Def Curl System

Hey People!

I’m back with a quick review of the Curlsmith High Definition Definition Curls 3-Step System

Brand Tagline: Food For Curls

A Few Facts:

  • Clean & natural ingredients.
  • Products are blended in small batches.
  • No sulfates, parabens, siliconess, mineral oils, phtalates, or DEA’s
  • Curlsmith is certified clean by The Vegan Society & PETA

A Little Background:

  • Curlsmith was created by 8 diverse women. Initially, swapping curly hair insight on social media, the demand for their advice and recommendations grew so large that the women decided to come together and create a community.
  • Along their journey, the women interviewed trichologist (a hair dermatologist), celebrity hairdressers, & social influencers.
  • The women also worked with their members and community, getting continuous feedback and tweeking product formulations until they were ready to launch.

Products: As the name suggest, Curlsmith is geared to curly hair. The system I ordered contained a cowash, refreshing spray, and styling gel.

Initial Thoughts:

I used the ‘system’ as instructed. (1) Cowash using the Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash. (2) Saturate the hair using the Moisture Memory Reactivator. (3) Apply the Curl Defining Styling Souffle.

  • First – I didn’t like the ‘system’ when I followed the instructions. Why?
    • It left a residue on my hair that caused white flakes to fall like snow once my hair dried.
    • The residue was SERIOUS. The flakes were all over my shirt and pants (it was especially noticeable the day I wore black pants). – THIS WAS NOT A FLUKE. It happened twice.
  • Second – I liked the products individually. Once I decided to not use the products as a ‘system’ but to use them individually like I normally would in my hair routine with other products, I liked how the products performed.

Products: (in order of most to least liked)

  1. Moisture Memory Reactivator ($24, 8oz)The spray from the nozzle was a fantastic, even mist.
    • The bottle was easy to hold & handle with one hand.
    • Smelled heavenly.
    • Played well with others (= mixed well with other products).
  2. Curl Defining Styling Souffle ($27, 8oz)The consistency reminded me of flaxseed gel (I love a good soft-hold gel as a finishing styler).
    • The consistency and hold made it great to use on overnight styles like twist outs, braid outs, etc.
    • A little went a long way.
    • This was also a great detangler for my dry hair (as long as I detangled in small sections).
  3. Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash ($25, 12oz)Smelled good.
    • Cleansed okay.
    • Offered decent slip for detangling.
    • Did not knock my socks off. There was nothing memorable or amazing about it.

*I’ll have short clips of each product at the end.*

Final Thoughts:

The Good-

  • Each product smelled amazing.
  • The fragrance was not overpowering nor did it linger in the hair for long.
  • All 3 products played well with others.
  • A little went a long way!

The Bad-

  • As a ‘system’ I hated it! Using the 3 products alone did not make my hair feel soft, hydrated, or quenched. In fact, my hair felt a bit crunchy.
  • The snowflakes that fell from my hair anytime I turned my head was a P R O B L E M!

All in all, I would definitely repurchase the Moisture Memory Reactivator spray. Would consider repurchasing the Curl Defining Styling Souffle. And would not repurchase the Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash.

As promised, below are snippets of each product. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out this post or perhaps this one. Also follow me on Instagram. I post alot of hair stuff over there. Styles, products, and the like. Laslty, don’t be afraid to like, share, and FOLLOW my blog for updates on new post.  

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