Briogeo Product Review

Recently I finished two Briogeo hair care products.

The first product was a gel which I didn’t like at all. The texture was very thin. Not what I’m accustomed to. I tried to keep an open mind but that was short lived. The gel didn’t provide much hold. Once the gel dried it looked and felt like nothing was ever applied. It also didn’t play well with others. Even other products from the same line. Whenever I tried layering additional products under or over the gel I would notice white residue all throughout my hair.

The second product was a cream. This wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. My hair didn’t feel noticeably moisturized or softer to the touch. Most of the time I had to add an oil or additional cream to keep my hair from feeling dry.

I really like the fact that all the products from Briogeo are plant based and formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, and synthetic color. The co-wash is phenomenal but these two products leave much to be desired.

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