Review: TréLuxe Gentle Cleansing Rinse

Expectation: From the name I was expecting a gentle cream cleanser that didn’t lather. To be honest, I was a bit worried. I find most cleansing conditioners with the word “gentle” in the name are too gentle. They do a horrible job of cleaning the hair shaft and scalp. They tend to leave residue and old product buildup meaning you have to wash your hair more frequently, which also means running through the product more quickly.

Actuality: This “rinse” from TréLuxe was nothing like I imagined. It’s a clear gel consistency, not a cream. It lathered (very well I might add). And, it actually cleansed my hair and scalp fantastically! A little went a long way which was great because (brace yourself) one bottle, 8 oz, is $14.50 plus $5.95 domestic S&H if you order from their website. If you are an impatient soul (like myself), this product can be found in Whole Foods for $16.99 plus tax.

Which leads me to the one downside….

Overall Thoughts: These products are expensive. I would equate them to (or VERY close to) luxury brand prices. $18 for 8 ounces of product is steep. The company seems to be small, dare I say boutique sized, consisting of 5 products. A cleanser, leave in conditioner, gel oil, defining cream, and styling gel. Basically one product for each step of any hair routine from a wash n’ go to a twist out. The only product they do not have is a deep conditioner.

I liked the cleanser way more than I thought I would. In fact, I loved it! I was still in sticker shock when I left the store (I purchased the product with my own money) which quite honestly left a bad taste in my mouth. I was ready to judge the cleanser critically. I have to say though, the product P E R F O R M E D like Beyonce at Coachella! It showed up and showed out. It shut me up and put me in my place.


*photo/meme credit: Imgflip

A few things about the brand:

  • It’s black owned.
  • They are harsh chemical free using natural based and active botanical ingredients. “Active” ingredients just means they identify and extract the most beneficial ingredient(s) from a source and use that in their product(s).
  • They offer a rewards program if you order from their site which can help offset some of the cost.

*The reward program allows you to earn points and use those points toward discounts on products and/or to help support their program geared towards “at risk” girls in low income communities.

Whole Foods is not the only retailer, if you are interested in finding out if TréLuxe is sold in your area, click here.


If you’ve made it this far, YAY!!! I have an exciting announcement. My friend Katie (or Type of Beautiful as she is known on these here internets) and I are hosting a giveaway of, you guessed it, TréLuxe products. The rules are simple,

(1) Head to Instagram and follow:

-Myself, Mjrmorris

-My girl Katie

-and Discovertreluxe

(2) Leave a comment on Katie’s giveaway announcement post.

That’s it!

Entry closes at midnight Wednesday, May 8th. The winner will be announced Friday, May 10th and will receive the following items:

  1. Renew & Restore cleansing rinse
  2. Untie The Knot leave in conditioner
  3. Reflex styling serum

Good luck!


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