How I Trim My Hair

I can’t remember the last time I got a trim and my ends were telling on me! They were dry, brittle, and badly split. My hair was tangling. I kept getting fairy knots. On top of that I have some postpartum shedding going on.

I usually trim my hair myself unless there’s a specific style or shape I’m going for. Then I will go to a stylist. Trimming is not too difficult or daunting I just hate cleaning up afterwards. Cleaning the sink, sweeping the floor, changing clothes, washing towels and trying to make sure I got every shred of hair. Ugh! I hate it.

Dun….. dun, dun, dun! Beard cape to the rescue. I saw a cape intended for men to use while shaving their beards and thought it would be perfect for trimming.

It was great quality, held up in the wash, came in a cute pouch, and most importantly, it worked! All I had to do was stick the hooks to the mirror, fasten the cape around my neck, hook the loops on the end of the cape on the hooks and bam! A cape ready to catch all the trimmings (or shavings if you’re using it for shaving).

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Even though the cape did not catch 100% of my hair (it caught about 97%) clean up was such a breeze. I’m so happy I got the cape! I will be using it for all of my future trims.

If you’re interested in the cape see the link below. I did receive the cape for review. All thoughts are honest and my own!

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