Bamboo Baby Washcloth Review

Hey People!

I received some bamboo baby washcloths recently for review. I wasn’t expecting much but I am happy to report that the washcloths far exceeded my expectations. The washcloths arrived in a cute, simple box. They were secured with a tiny cut of what felt like cardboard nd tape. One of the washcloths had come undone but that was not a huge issue for me because I planned to wash them before use.

They are chemical free, super soft, and hypoallergenic. My fear was after I washed them they would come apart and unravel. Again, I am happy to report, I was wrong. I washed the cloths in Dreft alone. No fabric softener. I also dried the cloths alone. No dryer sheets. And somehow, they came out softer then they were straight out of the package. How Sway?


Look at how soft and fluffy these washcloths are!

I used them, of course, for giving my baby a bath. But I also used them in other ways because they were so durable and well made. I used them as her face cloths after eating, to clean up any spills left behind on her high chair, and as a warm cloth to clean her little bum after massive blow-outs! The great thing about these cloths for post-blow-out clean up is they let you know whether or not you got everything. Sometimes cleaning baby’s bottom with wipes alone is not enough. It’s like a room that was only straightened up, not cleaned. When you walk in it looks clean but when you run your finger across the window seal or the top of the door there’s dust! Meaning sometimes when cleaning baby with wipes alone, everything looks clean. You think you got everything but when you wash with a warm, white, cloth, you can see what the wipes left behind.

img_5182As previously mentioned the cloths are durable and really well made. Look at how thick these washcloths are! They would be amazing as face cloths for those of you that don’t have kids. Using regular cotton washcloths can be harsh on your skin. These would be a great alternative.

As I’m sure you can tell, I love these bamboo washcloths. They are wonderful and I’m so happy that I got them. If you are in the market for some sensitive skin safe washcloths for baby (or yourself), please do yourself a favor and give these a try!

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(The link below is not an affiliate link. I did receive the washcloths for free for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own!)


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