Kazmaleje Review

Hey People!

Today we’re going to talk about a detangling brush by a brand called Kazmaleje. The name of the brush is KurlsPlus Paddle Comb (don’t let the name fool you, it’s a brush). The brand is small and black owned. The product line is 3 hair styling tools, apparel, and accessories. The site also has a blog helpful blog section where they post about maintaining healthy hair.

I stumbled upon this brush one day while watching a video by KandidKinks on Youtube (which is a great video you should watch after reading this post).

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get into it…

Ordering & Shipping…

–  I placed my order on December 26, 2019

–  I received confirmation of shipment on December 28, 2019

–  The item arrived on my doorstep on January 2, 2020

As you can see, shipping was pretty fast and uneventful.

The Product…

–  Original price $22. I signed up for emails so I could get 15% off my purchase.

–  The brush is VERY WELL MADE. It’s heavy & super sturdy.

–  The branding is sleek & simple.

–  The “fingers” of the brush are not flexible in any way and are long enough to reach through the thickest of thick hair.

–  The material does not absorb heat so it can be used while blow drying.

Below are the ways I’ve used the brush this far:

  1. Detangling my hair in the shower (with conditioner that has alot of slip) – I found the “fingers” of the brush were wide enough to allow me to detangle without ripping my hair out. However, in comparison to other tools, I prefer to use a brush with flexible fingers. It’s just a gentler way to detangle and minimize hair loss.
  2. On wet hair for styling – I did not like this brush on wet hair for styling purposes. My hair is very fragile when its wet and more prone to breakage. The inflexibility of the brush caused more hair loss versus other styling tools I’ve used.
  3. With a blow-drier – I really liked the results. I parted my hair in sections and used the brush for tension as I ran the blow-drier along the section. The results were smooth, soft, and as mentioned, the brush never got too hot to hold.
  4. On dry hair (styling and detangling) – Because the fingers of the brush are so long it’s much easier to brush through large sections of hair which is a plus. I don’t like working in small sections, I like working in chunks.

Final Thoughts….

I’m sure you can tell but just in case you can’t, I’ll say it loud for the people in the back, “I LOVE THIS BRUSH!” Especially for long, thick hair. I think it’s worth every penny. If you have $25 to spare, I recommend checking it out here. If they ask, let ’em know I sent cha.

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