EZ Detangler Brush Review

Hey People!

I’m back to talk about another detangling brush.

If you have an Instagram account and have searched anything natural hair or detangling in the past year or so, then I’m sure you’ve seen an ad or promotion for the EZ Detangler brush (or something similar) in your feed.

At the time I ordered the brush, I hadn’t done much research. I did a quick Youtube search, scanned a few videos and just ordered the brush on a whim. It was an impulse buy *sad face emoji*.

I can’t confirm if the brand is black owned. I can’t seem to find an “About” section on the website. I believe it is a black owned, small run operation but again, don’t quote me on that.

Enough pleasantries. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes!

Ordering & Shipping…

–  I received my order confirmation on October 26, 2019.

–  Shipping confirmation October 29, 2019

–  The brush arrived on November 26, 2019

–  Upon arrival, the box was a bit beaten up

As previously mentioned, this was an impulse buy. Not a lot of research went into it before hand. When I had a bit more time I really took a look at the website and the fine print and thought it looked a bit sketchy.

Furthermore, when I compared the contact information from the site to the contact information on my email receipt, it didn’t match at all! Now alarm bells are going off and I’m thinking, “I JUST GOT SCAMMED!” Concerned, I reached out to the account on Instagram who informed me that they were only in charge in marketing and could not provide updates regarding orders *side eye*. This only elevated my concerns of being scammed so I reached out to the email address on the website and to my surprise they were very responsive. When it was all said and done we exchanged about 15 emails back and forth.

Lastly, as you can see from the aforementioned timeline, the brush took an ENTIRE month to get to my home. When I asked them why shipping takes so long (b/c they are a US based company) they informed me that the item is manufactured and warehoused in China to keep prices affordable……. ummm hmmm.

About The Brush….

–  Cost $14.95

–  The brush itself felt pretty sturdy.

–  The arms of the brush are extremely flexible. Borderline overly flexible.

BONUS: the brush comes with a stabilizing piece that keeps the brush arms from flexing.

–  The brush can be used on wet or dry hair.

I used the brush in the shower to detangle with conditioner. I noticed more shed hair in the bristles compared to another detangling brush I own and use often. I used the brush on both (wet & dry hair). I prefer using it on dry, blown out hair.

When I used it on freshly blown out hair, I have to say, it felt AMAZING. Very soothing. The curve of the bristles perfectly cup the mold of the human head so when you’re brushing it feels like someone running their fingers through your hair (at least that’s how it felt to me). The ‘bristles’ are not sharp, scratchy,  or uncomfortable in any way. Also, the handle is large and soft which prevented hand cramping.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, the brush itself is good. The design, the feel. It’s a good brush. But that shipping! Imma be honest, that entire shipping process was not worth it. On top of it taking 4 weeks to arrive (before COVID. God only knows how long it’s taking now), there were little things that made the whole process feel a bit sketchy to me. (This is my opinion and only an opinion).

There are alternatives to this brush that are cheaper or offer a better shipping experience. I suggest doing a little research to see what options are out there.

Below are a few links to alternative options if you are interested in checking out a flexible detangling brush.

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