Pattern Beauty Review

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Today we are going to discuss Pattern Beauty. If you are unfamiliar, Pattern Beauty is a hair care brand that launched September 2019 by the creator, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Back in November, a hair subscription brand, Curlbox, featured Pattern Beauty. 4 full sized products for $45. The average cost of their products is about $20. Meaning 4 full sized products for $45 is a DEAL! So I hopped on it.

I placed my order on November 19th, the order shipped the same day, and I had the box in my possession on November 26th. Within the box I received the Hydration Shampoo, Intense & Medium Conditioners and the Leave-In Conditioner.

Let’s talk about each product….

The Hydration Shampoo: LOVE! I really liked this shampoo. It provided a rich, luscious lather that cleansed my hair and scalp without stripping my strands. The product smelled really nice. A bit masculine without being overpowering. Also, it did not linger in my hair and a little went a long way.

The Medium Conditioner: FANTASTIC! The consistency of this product was nice. Not too thick, not too watery. It was easy to work through my hair and get every strand coated. Once the product was worked in, it provided nice slip for detangling (the key here is you have to make sure to work the conditioner through your hair before trying to detangle). This is not a deep conditioner so I rinsed it out after I finished detangling and my strands felt soft.

The Intense Conditioner: NOPE! This product is almost the exact opposite of the medium conditioner. It’s very thick, too thick which made it very hard to work through my hair. It clumped up and did not spread. I had to literally lean my hair under running water to work the product through. It had no slip so trying to detangle was a nightmare. I ended up detangling with a leave in after I got out of the shower.

The Leave-In Conditioner: YES, MAM! This product was extremely lightweight and absorbed into my hair beautifully. I did not use it with any other products so I could see the effects on my hair without any other distraction. When I say my hair felt thee softest. That’s an understatement. My hair has rarely felt as soft, light, bouncy, and healthy as it did after using this product.

Initially I was weary of the leave-in because it had a lot of bad reviews from fellow curlies and I think I know why. This product offer NO HOLD. ZERO. So if you are a person that likes hold or weight to your products, the leave-in (on it’s own) is not for you. However, Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair is big, bouncy, airy, and fluffy so it would make sense that her leave in would offer the same results.

With all of this said, would I repurchase anything from Pattern Beauty? Yes. I would repurchase the hydration shampoo which now comes in jumbette (25 fl oz) and the leave-in which also now comes in jumbette. I’m not mad at the medium conditioner so I might would repurchase that. The intense conditioner is an absolute no!

All in all I really liked the products I tried and the brand overall. Tracee Ellis Ross has been one of my hair crushes for a long time. I hope you found this review helpful. If so, Like, Share, and Follow the blog. While you are here, take a look around. Peruse more articles and leave your comments.


    1. Major Morris

      I don’t think they are overpriced for the size of the products you get and the market they’re in. I think they came in the game as a mid-range brand and the price point matches. They didn’t come in saying “our goal is to be found at our local drug store”. It was more, “we aim to provide quality products.”

      I hope I’m making sense lol.

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