Tata Harper – Regenerating Cleanser Review

First things first, this cleanser smells amazing! It’s smells just like grapefruit! Moving on to the actual product, the cleanser itself was nice. It contained small granules which act as small buffing agents to help rid your face of dead skin. The product is meant to be applied to dry skin, massaged in, then rinsed with water where it turns into more of a sudsy cleanser. Applying it to my dry skin took some getting used to. After using the product wet and dry I understood why they instruct you to apply to dry skin. If you apply the product to an already damp face or using damp hands you don’t get to take full advantage of the buffing grains. When you apply the product to a dry face using dry hands, you really feel the grains working. The friction of the grains being rubbed on a dry surface really allows them to work and peel away that layer of dead skin.

The product comes in 3 sizes:

1. 15 ml – $11

2. 50 ml – $42

3. 125 ml – $82

To be completely honest, it didn’t knock my socks off. Maybe this is one of those products that needs more time to work. I really wanted to love this product. It has clean ingredients, it smells amazing, and it feels luxurious. Unfortunately again, I just wasn’t impressed. Eventually I may circle back to try it again, but for now I’ll stick with my Josie Marian exfoliating cleansing powder.

If you are interested in trying anything from the brand. I would recommend signing up for emails and ordering directly from the website. New email subscribers get 15% off your first order.

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