OYIN Handmade Whipped Pudding

img_3836This was my first time trying something from Oyin Handmade.  A bit about the brand before we get into the product. Oyin was created in 2001 by Jamyla Bennu when she couldn’t find natural, organic products for her hair type. In 2003 her husband joined the company and it’s been family owned/run ever since.  The full product line is available online with select products available at large retailers like Target and CVS.

I have really dry hair that loves a rich moisturizer. The richer the better. Oyin’s whipped pudding provides just the right amount of nourishment without being heavy or greasy. The wonderful thing about this product is how well it absorbs into the hair. I’ve tried this product on my wet and dry hair. It works well both ways. It does not leave a white residue when I use it on my wet hair. However if I do not warm it up in my hands first it does have a tendency to clump up and leave white chunks in my hair. But those chucks disappear as my hair dries. The consistency of the product itself feels like a light whipped butter cream.

There were only two negatives for me. One, smell. I am not a huge fragrance person. So the stronger a product smells the harder it is for me to get through it. The smell is not the most potent fragrance I’ve ever encountered but it’s far from subtle. The other issue is as mentioned when the product is not warmed up or worked in really good, it tends to leave white chunks in my hair. But that only happens when I use the product on my wet hair and the chunks tend to go away once my hair is dry.

All in all I really enjoyed using Oyin’s whipped pudding. I would buy it again.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you’ve used or plan to use any Oyin products, let me know.

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