Bumpin’ Around

I’m back to talk about my weekend. So I started with a simple mission. Take my ring to have it resized. The game plan was to waste time in Ulta while I waited on my ring to be finished. I’d already done some pre-planning in an effort to cut out any unnecessary spending. BUT Ulta is like Target. You go in for 1 thing and come out with at least 4 extra items.

One of the items I intentionally went to Ulta to pickup was a lipstick from Urban Decay’s Basquiat series (which is now on sale, you’re welcome!). I only intended to pick up the color Epigram HOWEVER when I swatched Abstract I could not resist. It was beautiful! Probably one of the best nudes I’ve ever tried. The formula is creamy and hydrating and I’m already planning to buy backups since the line is old and probably will not be restocked once it has sold out. Both lipsticks were……..wait for it…..$8.50 each.

Rocking Abstract 

I previously posted about a NYX eyeshadow base that I tried and decided to try another one from the line. The Waterproof eyeshadow primer. It claims to not only make shadows creaseless but to make them budge proof. Supposedly, once applied you could go for a swim and the eyeshadow would not move! I don’t need it to be swim proof, I just need it to prevent creasing and oil. This primer had pretty high ratings so I’m hopeful.

While pre-planning and making my list I came across a new item from Real Techniques. Their clean and exfoliate sponge. It looks exactly like the original makeup sponge except with holes.

A last-minute item I decided to purchase was a glitter primer. It has been exalted as one of the best glitter primers overall, and certainly from the drugstore. I’m hoping that the glitter primer will help the metallic shades in the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette stick to the lid a little better.

This was supposed to be the end of my outing right? Nope! I worked up such an appetite in Ulta that I decided to grab lunch from across the street at a place called The Rail.

Hippie Pita (raw veggies and hummus)

While munching on my pita it dawned on me that I did not have a cleanser to use with the new Real Techniques sponge I purchased. TJ Maxx here I come! I was near a mall so I figured that particular TJ Maxx should have some gems. I was right. I came across what I assume is a travel sized Glam Glow cleanser for $9.99. Everything in every size from Glam Glow cost an arm and a leg so this was a find! I’m so excited to try it out. If I like it, I’m planning to go back and get backups while they last.

By the time I checked out of TJ Maxx 4 hours had passed from the time I’d dropped off my ring. It was finally ready to be picked up. Thank goodness! I needed to stop myself before I did any more damage. I plan to try out everything that I have not already tried by the end of the week. I should have a full report by next week ;).

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