Sephora Play: June 2017

Hey people!

I did not post the contents of my June Sephora play box when I initially received the box. I was not super impressed and therefore was not in a rush to post. But in the essence of consistency I decided to do a quick post. Just because I was not excited doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t be.

I’ve dabbled with a few of the products. Nothing has knocked my socks off to date. Since I’ve only dabbled, I do not have full opinions on the products so this post will be short.

This months box was beach themed.

June Play box contents:

Kat Von d



The product I was happiest about, a Kat Von D liquid lipstick in K-Dub.



Benefit POREfessional. I’ve used this plenty of times. It’s cool. Nothing spectacular.



First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Coconut Priming Moisturizer. This smells and feels really great. It does not combat oil or do anything for pores. But it’s a nice lightweight moisturizer. It does not have a sunscreen in it (which I thought it did) so be sure to layer a sunscreen with this if you will be out in the sun.


IGK coconut gel

IGK Coconut Oil Gel. Listen, I always get excited about new hair product. Probably as excited as I get about new makeup. The packaging on this was so cute, it has tiny reflects, the consistency is lightweight, I was excited! Ummmmmmm, gel is not the right word for what this is. When I think of a gel, I think of a product that provides some sort of hold. Not saying it has to slay my edges down, just provide some sort of control. This does not! It’s a nice product but it is by no means a gel.


Ouai hair gel


Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil. I’ve used this on my surly hair a few times. It’s a cute oil. Nothing substantial for thick curly hair. I’m thinking this would be better on thin or straight hair.




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  1. Brittney Ross

    I agree, the POREfessional is okay, I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. I was really interested in the FAB primer/moisturizer..I’ve heard mixed reviews about it; I may try and pick it up when I have a coupon for ULTA. Thanks for posting!

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