A Plant Based Burger?

So listen, I never thought I’d see the day there would be a burger substitute that looks just like beef. While I was browsing in Whole Foods I saw that Beyond Meat now makes a burger. I had to try it!

When I decided to give up meat burgers were one of the only things I missed. Ribs? Nope. Steak? Nope! I was a burger connoisseur. To be completely transparent, I still miss burgers. I have cravings but at this point it’s not worth it.

I had high hopes for these burgers. I really like most things from the Beyond Meat brand. The Beyond Beef crumbles are a staple in my freezer!

The burger took 6 minutes to cook.  It was just like a meat patty. The consistency looked the same and get this, the plant based patty was even red! It was the freakiest thing. I tripped out when I saw that.

The patty was so good! As I mentioned, it only took 6 minutes to cook. All I used was a bit of soy sauce in the pan but that’s it. I did not use any oils which ended up giving the patty a nice char.

All in all the Beyond Meat burger get two thumbs up from this girl. I believe the cost was about $5-$6 for two patties. These will be a new staple in my freezer!


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