New Additions: MODA Makeup Brushes

Hey people!

I’ve added two new brushes to the family. Around Christmas I saw a Youtuber mention a makeup brush from a brand called Royal and Langnickel. I’ve never heard of the company but the brush was GORGEOUS!

The body of the brush was a beautiful, vibrant shade of purple, along with the tips of the brush hairs. I was instantly intrigued. A few weeks later I decided to go ahead and pick up the brush. MODA brushes by Royal and Langnickel are sold at Wal-Mart. I won’t lie, my expectations were not that high but I could not get past how beautifully vibrant the brushes were. At the time I picked up my brushes there were only two in stock.


The first brush I got (the one I saw on the Youtuber’s channel) was the Powder brush. There it was hanging on the hook. Looking so soft. Whispering, buy me, buy me! So I did.


I have to admit I am not blown away by this brush. I think it’s a bit too soft. It’s perfect for a light dusting of finishing powder but not ideal if you are looking for a bit more coverage. I prefer a bit of coverage which is why I am not blown away. The brush itself is surprisingly sturdy. I’ve washed it a few times with no shedding. The glue has not come loose. Nothing is feeling flimsy. Plus it’s 100% vegan (which I didn’t know until I researched the brand for this post). – $9.99, Wal-Mart



The second brush I picked up was the complexion brush. My God! This brush is AH-MAZE-ING!  I use it to blend out my under eye concealer. It works better than any of my other brushes. The way the brush hairs are densely packed is perfection! The brush hairs themselves are soft. It does not feel like you are jabbing yourself in the eye, or shredding the skin underneath your eye.

The soft short bristles makes blending so quick and easy. The only thing of note is with thicker concealers sometimes you need to go in with your finger to help blend out the product. I find I have to use my finger on the inner corner of the under eye area as the brush is slightly too large to fit in that area. I do not have to use my finger when using a thinner concealer. Other than that. BOMB! – $7.99, Wal-Mart

Again, the brush is sturdy. I’ve washed it PLENTY of times with no shedding, no pieces becoming loose. No discoloration. No nothing. I am very interested to try out a few more brushes from this line for sure.

If by chance, you are in the market for some new inexpensive makeup brushes, give these MODA brushes a try. Specifically, the complexion brush! If you’ve tried other brushes from this brand let me know. Which ones are worth buying? Which ones should I stay away from? Share your knowledge!

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