FYI Friday: Mane Talk

Hey people!

Since getting serious about blogging I’ve been constantly on alert for new ideas or segments to incorporate into my posting schedule. I have a drawer FULL of empty products I’ve been collecting and trying to figure out what to do with. My intention was to film an ’empties’ video (which I still plan to do) then I thought, “why not use one of my free days a week to discuss them in further detail?”. So here we are. These posts will probably go up on Friday’s since I currently do not have a set topic to post about on that day. If this goes well and you (my readers) enjoy, I will continue on and make this the Friday thing.

Getting to it, this weeks empty review is going to be on 2 hair products that I used up.


To the left is AG Hair Care Cleansing Cream. AG Hair Care is a Vancouver based salon brand that was started by a hair dresser, John Davis, and his partner Lotte whose career focused on retail merchandising and design.

I am always on the lookout for a GOOD cleansing conditioner (or cream). One day while browsing the hair care section of Ulta I noticed this brand. The label is what stood out to me. I thought it was beautiful! I did some quick Googling to find out a bit about the brand and check the reviews. I decided to give it a shot.

Top 3 things I look for in a cleansing conditioner:

  • Cleanliness – cleanses not only my hair strands but also my scalp
  • Conditioning – provides moisture, leaving my hair feeling well conditioned
  • Slip – melts away knots and tanlges making detangling quick & easy

Keeping the aforementioned list in mind, I did not like this cleansing cream. Cleanliness: My hair felt clean but my scalp did not. It felt like there was still buildup on my scalp even after using the cleanser. After every 3rd wash I would feel like I needed an actual shampoo or some clarifying agent to really cleanse my scalp. Conditioning: My hair strands did not feel any softer or stronger. It seemed like the product kind of sat on the strand and didn’t really absorb. Slip: Typically I wash, detangle, and sometimes deep condition all while in the shower. Meaning I need detangling to take as least amount of time as possible so the hot water does not run out! Detangling with this stuff was a nightmare. My hair actually tangled up pretty bad making it damn near impossible to use my wide tooth comb (yes I detangle with a comb). I had to first go in with my fingers, then go back through with my comb, going very slow, being very gentle so I would not rip out my hair. Needless to say, the shower ran cold on more than one occasion messing around with this stuff *insert S I D E – E Y E*. – Price: $24, Ulta

To the right is Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner. Woo! That’s a mouth full! Mielle Organics was founded in 2014 by Monique Rodriguez, a registered nurse whose tailbone-length hair led her to share her hair regimen and consequently create products for the masses. At the time of purchase I knew nothing about the brand other than it was founded by a black woman. I try to support black brands/businesses and small businesses in general.

This conditioner is specifically for dry, damaged hair. While my hair is not damaged, the ends get pretty dry. The consistency of the conditioner was much thinner than I’m used to so I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t do anything. To my surprise it did. I noticed the biggest difference when sitting under a hooded drier for approximately 35-45 minutes. My hair felt so soft and strong. Mielle Organics can be found everywhere. Target, drugstores, in these internet streets, etc. – Price: $13.99, Target

Whelp that’s it for this FYI Friday. I hope this was helpful or beneficial in some way. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried either product. Have any additional questions on either product. Or have a thought on this new segment.

I will talk to you soon. Don’t forget to Like, Share, and FOLLOW before you go!



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