Major’s Closet: March 2017

This month is going to be short and sweet. My favorite fashion item this month is…

My bag from Portland Leather. This was a Christmas gift that I have not stopped wearing since I got it. I originally came across this company on Instagram. I think they started out making passport covers then moved to journals and eventually progressed to bags.

The cool thing about this company is you customize your bag. Basically you pick the shell size – small, medium, large. Then you pick the pockets – outer, inner, or both. You can even pick the strap color.

Of course since it was a gift I did not go through the ordering process. So I can not speak to the step by step process in detail. All I know is what I was told 🙂 .

This bag is awesome! Its soft and sturdy. When I get something new I’m always so careful with it. I barely wanted to put anything in it. I was careful not to brush it up against anything. I was constantly wiping it off. After about 2 weeks, that was over! I really started breaking this mofo in. I’ve filled it to the brim. Cleaned it out. Over stuffed it, and cleaned it out again. I’ve slung it around, thrown shoes, my lunch, hats in it, put water bottles in it. I’ve done alot. The only issue I had was the button on the label popping off. That happened maybe about a month after I started using the bag. I was able to put it back together. I haven’t had any issues since.

This bag is perfect and I LOVE it! I cannot wait to get another one. I want a black one. My hope is they start making slouchy bags. I will be customer numero uno whenever, if ever that happens.

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