Coffee Mate’s New Dairy Free Creamers

I LOVE the new dairy free creamers by Coffee Mate. The first one they released was the vanilla flavored one. I went through these things like water for a few weeks. Bottle after bottle. To my surprise, one day when I went to get a new bottle, there were so many more flavors!

So far I’ve tried Hazelnut and Vanilla. I have not tried the Caramel one in the photo but it’s in my frig. I’ve been stuck on Hazelnut. Once that one is empty I will move on to Caramel.

The only down side is the size of the bottles. They are pretty small. I wish they would lackage them in larger bottles. But, I’ve found that typically once you’ve purchased a few bottles, you’ll start receiving store coupons. For example, the last time I bought some from Target, I got a coupon for $1.50 off my next purchase of 3 bottles. I received the same coupon from Giant Eagle (local grocery store).

I believe since they use more natural ingredients, it’s recommended to use within 14 days. Which is never a problem for me. I’ve turned into that coffee damn near every morning person. So. No problem there.

It doesn’t matter if your dairy free. If you love a good creamer for your coffee. These new almond milk based creamers are GOOD!!

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