Din, Din: Lobster Tail & Pasta

This week’s dinner spotlight is lobster tail and pasta. Shot out to the hubby for making us lobster tail! I made the pasta which was composed of handmade pasta (handmade at a local shop, not by me), fresh onions, frozen tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms (all veggies fresh and frozen were grown locally).


Overall dinner was great. I boiled the pasta. Threw the frozen tomatoes in a pan to cook. Once thawed, I threw in the onions. With about 5 minutes left I threw in the mushrooms. I didn’t want them to get mushy but I should have cooked them a bit longer. Or maybe separately. Lesson learned. Once all that was cooked I mixed in the pasta. I think next time I may try to make a sauce or at least use a tinge of olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking together.

This 95% dairy free life is tough. I would’ve normally just made an Alfredo sauce but no can do. This lifestyle is making me become more creative and try different things.


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