On the 5th Day of Christmas…

Today’s idea, grooming supplies! Regardless the man, whether he’s high or low maintenance he will appreciate a grooming kit. Most men won’t go out and buy this for themselves no matter how bad they need it. And no man wants to walk around with the ashy face, linty beard, or crusty, crackly skin. Especially in this wintry weather. Most grooming kits are composed of the basics which works since most guys I know aren’t trying to be bothered with any extra. Clinique and Jack Black have some good gift sets. As aside, I love Jack Black products. Most of their products though geared towards men, are gentle enough for women. I use the oil free moisturizer myself (but shushhhhh that’ll be our little secret). – both sets can be found at Ulta




This gym set from Anthony is pretty sweet. It has everything in it for a quick refresh after a workout. – Can be found at Ulta





If he’s a little more old school and he likes the whole lather brush blade situation, think about getting him a subscription to Bevel. My husband has a subscription and swears by their products. Plus Nas endorsed it, what other stamp of approval do you need?


Moving on to her, Lush. Don’t know what that is? Well where have you been! Lush is a company that specializes in handmade skin, face, hair, and bath products. Everything from this company is made from natural products. The bath bombs are amazing and a pretty cool site to see unfold. They have bubble baths and bath oils. Soaps, shower scrubs. Shampoos, conditioners, and natural hair dyes. Moisturizers, masks, you name it, they got it and it’s natural! What’s not for her to love. A family member gave me a few products from this company a few Christmas’ ago (or maybe last Christmas……can’t remember) and I loved EVERYTHING! And it was packaged so nicely. AH, I just love this place!

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