On the 6th Day of Christmas…

Today’s gift idea for him is a cigar and maybe a bottle of scotch or bourbon to go along with it (or any other kind of strong drink you know he likes). I really like Wynwood’s and Ashton Cabinet series. They are really mild and smooth. My pick for bourbon would be Blanton’s if you can get your hands on it. As far as scotch goes, I like Oban.

For her, a nice bottle of wine (if you have one near you, Giant Eagle is having a great sale right now) and some candles from Bath and Body Works/White Barn.

Wine’s can be tricky. Some people like sweet, okay, smooth, high alcohol content LOL. My general rule of thumb is anything from Argentina or Spain is good! Some specific brands and types I like are, Protea – this is a Chenin Blanc or Menage A Trois – a white blend. Red’s are something I’m still getting accustomed to. They are rather strong but I have found that I do like Malbec’s. I don’t have a particular one, I tend to mosey on over to the ‘Argentina’ section and grab a Malbec that speaks to me that day. Menage a Trois also makes a red blend that is pretty good.

As far as Bath and Body Works and candles. They have candles galore. Aromatherapy, sweet, perfumey, woodsy, masculine, floral. You name it they have a candle scent for it. The associates are usually very helpful. If you give them a scent or an idea of a scent, they can recommend some specific candles. The great thing is Bath and body Works, typically sends out email coupon’s every few days so be sure to clip that coupon. They have all sorts of cute candles stands and sleeves and stockings to make everything easy, breezy and one stop shopping.

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