On The 4th Day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me………Today’s gift idea is something to support their ‘special interest’. By ‘special interest’ I mean anything you know that person is really into. Their passion.

Maybe they love to write, so get them the smoothest pen they will ever write with. Or a fun journal. Maybe they are an artist or like adult coloring books. So a set of PrismaColor pencils or paint pens would make their day. Maybe their into fashion, so arranging and setting up a day to take them to a textile factory would blow their mind. Maybe they are OCD control freaks and love planning out their day, week, month, year. A planner would be much appreciated. Maybe they love wine so tickets to an upcoming wine tasting would have them jumping for joy.

You get the drift. Whatever special interest you know about the person you are gifting for. Take that into consideration and try to find something that aligns or supports that interest. Something small and thoughtful is always much more appreciated than something big and random.


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