And I’ll Go, Back, Black…

Back in July I dyed my hair this burnt orangey-red color. I did an entire post about it here. I rally liked the color and it was exactly what I was looking for. However in recent weeks I’ve been missing my dark hair. The ease, convenience, and health of my darker hair was starting to creep back into my subconscious more and more.

I am not really a huge planner when it comes to my hair. I like to do whatever I want on a whim. So! I decided enough missing my dark hair.


This is a photo of me before starting the coloring process.

Letting the color sit. You may think you see tinges of blue. You are correct. I don’t like flat black on me. I think it’s a bit too harsh against my skin tone. I use blue black.



After I blow-dry my hair. I typically flatiron it and curl it with a curling iron. This time I also decided to use perm rods after curling my hair with the curling iron. I can confirm I will be adding this step permanently to my routine. My hair turned out so bouncy and actually held the curl for a few days.





This is what the finished product looks like. Most of the curls have fallen because I forgot to spray my hair with a hold spray but! I’m back to black! Thanks for reading!

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