Carol’s Daughter Update….

A little over a month ago I ordered a few things from Carol’s Daughter. I showed everything I ordered on my Youtube Channel. If you missed it, I inserted the video.

This is going to be a followup on the things I ordered. I’m going to go in order of start to finish. Meaning, I’m going to start with shampoo and go in order of how you would apply the products. Let’s just jump right in.

img_6731Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. I typically don’t use shampoo and conditioners. I usually stick with cleansing conditioners. They are not as drying and stripping on the hair BUT the thing with the Monoi line is it’s supposed to cut breakage by 98% and split ends by 93%. Both are issues I’ve been trying to combat since dying my hair back in July. I can say without a doubt I notice way less shed hair on wash day! I can’t say it’s 98% less, but it is less. NOW, with that said my hair is more dry when I use these products so I try to make sure I deep condition after using these. Shampoo – $20, Conditioner – $22


Marula Curl Therapy Gently Cream Cleanser. This is a cleansing conditioner. The smell is floral and very strong. If you can deal with that or like floral smells this cleanser is pretty good. Your hair feels cleansed yet conditioned after using. The only downside I found was that it’s not the best when it comes to detangling. Also you do not get a lot of product for the price. -$18


Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner. This is another cleansing conditioner. All the products in the ‘Hair Milk’ line are supposed to be nourishing and conditioning. I liked this cleansing conditioner, but I didn’t love it. My hair didn’t feel as clean but my curls were popping and I was able to detangle pretty easily without much breakage. This was a decent sized bottle and it’s much easier to find than the Marula cleansing conditioner listed above. The ‘Hair Milk’ line is sold at your local drug stores and Target. The Marula line is only sold as Ulta. – $12

img_6732Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. This stuff is amaze-balls! I don’t know what kind of fairy dust or unicorn horns are in this, but it’s BOMB. The great thing about this product is that you only need to leave it on for 5-7 minutes to see a difference. I usually slather this all over my hair after shampooing and conditioning and let it sit while I finish my shower. That way the heat from my scalp and the steam from the shower assist the conditioner in penetrating my hair. When I say my curls POP after rinsing this out! I absolutely love this stuff. If you get nothing else from this list, please do yourself a favor and get this! The Carol’s Daughter website has a giant container you can get. The ones sold in-store are pretty small and not worth the money. – $65


Hair Milk Cream-To-Serum Lotion. This stuff is ennn. I can’t really say it did anything noticeable. My hair didn’t feel anymore moisturized or conditioned. I didn’t notice any different with my curls either. This was the one product that I can say don’t waste your money. – $10


Marula Curl Therapy Softening Serum. This serum was okay. It smells wonderful! It’s not nearly as strong as the cleansing conditioner. It’s a nice, soft, rosy smell. Just amazing. The bottle is a little small but I like that it comes with an interchangeable top.  It didn’t really do anything for my curly hair but now that it’s fall and I’m straightening it. I like it much better on my straight hair. – $18




Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum. This is another product that was just alright. I really wanted to love this product because I love the packaging. It comes in this really sleek glass bottle and smells great. But the oil itself was just okay. Nothing special, especially for the price. Between this oil and the Marula oil, I prefer the Marula oil. But honestly you would be just fine picking up an oil from Organix and calling it a day. – $30




All in all there are products from Carol’s Daughter that I loved, liked, and didn’t care for. The prices I notated are the full prices of each item HOWEVER if you shop through the Carol’s Daughter website 9 times out of 10 there will be a sale going on where you can find most of this stuff for 40%-50% off.

If you’ve tried any of these products or want me to do more hair related post make sure to comment below.

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