Liquid Lipstick Set

Last weekend I stepped foot in Ulta and walked out with the Tarte Limitless Lippies Deluxe Tartest Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set ($42). There are 8 shades in the set.

Colors: (In order from left to right) Candy, Honey, Mani, Perf, Spicy, Latte, Juicy, Soul

I swatched all the colors in Ulta and fell in love. They are so perfect for fall. Even the ones that look really light are not as light as they appear in the package. With that said I am a brown-skinned girl and the lightest shade in the pack, Candy, is not the most complimentary on its own against beautifully brown skin tones. HOWEVER, If you line your lip with Chestnut by Mac or Nutmeg by NYX then apply Candy to the center, it works out much better.

Here’s what the colors look like against my skin tone. The photo on the left is taken with the flash on. The photo on the right is taken in natural light. My 2 favorite colors are Honey and Latte. Honey is my perfect nude which is why it’s my fave. It matches the natural flush of my lips perfectly! Latte is a true brown and I love brown lips! I wear brown all year round! Latte reminds me a lot of Photo by Mac which is another favorite of mines.

Just a thought or 2 on each color:

  • Candy – Very light! If your lips have any kind of natural pigment, you will need to wash it out or line your lips with some sort of transitional color.
  • Honey – Rosy brown. Such a beautiful, everyday color.
  • Mani – Classic dusty rose
  • Perf – Plummy rose. Another really nice everyday color if you want a bit of jazz
  • Spicy – Mauve berry. This one looks a bit redder once applied than it does in the package
  • Latte – True brown.
  • Juicy – Straight up red. Think fire truck, fire hydrant, apple from snow-white red!
  • Soul – Deep berry. This color applies darker than it appears in the package and was the only patchy one. I applied 2 layers of this and it was still patchy. I’d recommend lining your lips and filling them in first before applying this color to help even out the application.

The formula of Tarte’s liquid lipsticks are one of the best even though they aren’t raved about like some other brands. I never have any issues with peeling of flaking. The formula dries so fast and there is not a lot of transfer (if any). If you have never tested out a Tarte liquid lipstick I suggest you do. AND all Tarte products are vegan friendly and cruelty free!

The gallery below shows what the colors look like once applied. Hopefully this gives a better idea of what each color looks like. Towards the end the skin around my lips starts looking a bit red. That’s due to all the rubbing I did trying to get each color off so disregard. Oh, and lastly you will not see a photo on me in Perf. I accidentally deleted the photo and didn’t realize it. It’s very similar to Mani, just to give an idea of what it looks like.

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    1. M.Morris

      Thanks hunny bunny! Soul is gorgeous. I was pretty bummed about the patchiness, however I’m hoping that fully lining my lips with a dark pencil first will counter the patchiness of the lipstick. *fingers crossed*


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