Project Pan: Rizos Curl Deep Conditioner

Hey People!

I learned about Rizos Curl from Francheska Medina of HeyFranHey, The Friendzone Podcast, and so much more.

Just a head’s up this review will be short, sweet, and to the point.

Rizos Curl is sold at Target, Ulta, and online at the companies website. I picked up the deep conditioner from Target after hearing Fran rave about how bomb it was.

Let’s get straight to the point. I have NOTHING bad to say about this product. Period! Here’s what I look for in a deep conditioner:

  • Slip
  • Feel of hair post rinse
  • Price
  • Availability

Rizos checked all the boxes. Slip, literally I just used the last of this product on my 7 day old wash & go. For all you naturals out there you read that right. I kept the same wash & go for 7 days which means my hair was a tangled birds nest. I did a quick pre-poo to start the detangling process. Then I followed up with an african black soap shampoo which throughly cleansed my hair but also retangled it. The last step in my wash routine was applying this deep conditioner.

The texture of this deep conditioner is deceiving. It feels very liquidity and lightweight. And may lead you to believe it may not be very moisturizing. LIES! I applied a handful to my tangled birds nest and the magic of this deep conditioner took hold. As I worked this through my hair with my fingers, my tangles started to melt away. By the time I’d worked the product through my hair thoroughly half the work was done. I then went in with my detangling brush and to my surprise, detangling was not as much work as I was expecting. I mean, I was ready to work ya’ll! Again, let me reiterate, 7 day wash & go on 3c hair. I finished detangling my hair in about 10 minutes then I let the conditioner sit on my hair while I finished up the rest of my shower.

When I rinsed out this conditioner, my God. My hair felt pillowy soft. I could not stop touching it.

This conditioner comes in a 10 fluid ounce container which lasted me months. Because the consistency is so liquidity a little goes a long way. Sometimes with thicker conditions it takes a lot to really coat every hair strand and really work it through the hair. The benefit of thinner conditioners is you don’t have to work so hard to spread the product all over your hair.

As I stated at the beginning, I have nothing bad to say about the deep conditioner from Rizos Curl. The price of the product is $19.99 and it’s easily accessible. This conditioner is definitely a staple on my roster and will be repurchased.

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