Dry Bar Review

Hey people!

A few months ago I purchased some Dry Bar products. I’ve always been interested in trying dry shampoo to see if it works on African American hair. I decided to go with Dry Bar because I loved the packaging and the products smelled good.

The first thing I tried was

dry bar 3 n 1the Triple Sec 3 n 1. It’s basically a refresher that softens and volumizes your hair. It also protects your hair from UV rays and absorbs oil. This stuff was amazing. I used it on my curly hair and my hair felt noticeably softer. There were no flakes, itchiness, or residue. I really , REALLY liked this product. Travel size$13, Full size$26 at Ulta.




dry bar shampooThe next item I tried was the detox shampoo. Horrible! It left a residue and visible white flakes. Anytime I shook my head or ran my fingers through my hair white flakes went everywhere. It was disgusting and disappointing. I had to wash my hair the next day because the residue and flakes were so bad. Travel Size$13, Full size$23 at Ulta.



flakes left on my pants after using the shampoo and shaking my hair….


dry bar conditionerThe conditioner was no better! Again, residue and white flakes EVERYWHERE! I was so disappointed. I really wanted the shampoo and conditioner to work especially since Dry Bar had such high reviews. I went through 2 travel sized shampoos and 2 travel sized conditioners with the same results each time I used the products. Travel sized conditioner$13, Full size$23 at Ulta.



I’m in no hurry to try any other dry shampoos or conditioners given my experience with the Dry Bar products. I may revisit later in the year when I tend to straighten my hair. Maybe I’ll get a different result. Who knows, for now, I’m good!

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*All product photos are from Ulta.com

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