The Best Body Oil Ever!

A few years ago my cousin referred me to an article that discussed the benefits of using olive oil as a body moisturizer. I tried it for about a week and was sold! I haven’t used lotion since. Personally using oils help keeps my skin softer, smoother, and more moisturized. No matter how decadent the lotion nothing compares to a good, nourishing body oil.

I used regular old olive oil for years. Over the past 8-12 months I’ve decided to step my game up in search of a quality body oil that does not leave me looking like I’m ready to be fried but still works just as well. I can’t remember how long ago I stumbled upon this oil but it has been a game changer.

Thinking back, I actually think I stumbled on this oil over Mother’s Day weekend. I went into Whole Foods to concoct my mom a gift bag full of natural bath salts, soaps, etc. and I saw an oil by Home Health called Almond Glow. I loved that the ingredients list was under 8 ingredients all of which I could pronounce.

Almond Glow

  1. Peanut Oil
  2. Olive Fruit Oil
  3. Lanolin Oil
  4. Sweet Almond Oil
  5. Vitamin E
  6. Natural Fragrance

I was hoping for the best but was a bit skeptical as I’d just tried a spray oil by Acure which I hated! From the very first use I was in love. The oil absorbed very quickly, I was not left looking greasy or shiny, I did not ruin my couch or sheets with oil residue, my skin felt very soft, plus it smelled fantastic!

There are 4 options, almond, lavender, rose hip, and unscented. I highly, highly recommend giving this a try! I will be headed to the beach on vacation in the near future and can’t wait to see how beautifully I bronze using this oil. GLOW UP SEASON!


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