Throw it in the Bag!

I’ve been out of commission since Saturday. Living in the dark ages with no wi-fi. Being forced to use my cellular data………..WHY???????


First world problems. I know. Anywho, the problem is all fixed and I’m back!

I am a patron of a local grocery service named Fresh Fork Market. I’ve been part of the program for about 7 months. They recently ended their winter share season and started their summer share season.

During the summer share, bags are available every week versus every other week for the winter share. The program offers multiple bag options, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, small, large etc. I signed up for the vegan bag. This is my first summer share so I decided that I wanted to share what I get in my weekly bags.

Fresh Fork is a local program however grocery delivery services are so popular now that if this looks like something you’d be interested in I’m sure there may be a similar program offered in your area. Worst case scenario there’s the national programs like Blue Apron.

Enough rambling. Below is what I got in last weeks bag……..


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