An hour shower? Is that really self care or just hogging all the hot water?

I know, I know. Every where you turn these days, it’s “self-care” this and “self-care” that. These words have definitely become a buzz phrase.

What is self-care and am I practicing any form of it have been two questions that have been constantly on my mind. I had this long post I’d composed, posing questions, trying to state arguments, and providing my overall thoughts. Then I scrapped it. The short answer is I consider “self-care” any activity that allows you to relax. That allows you to clear your mind.

I used to think this could only come from sitting on a mat, in silence or going to a 90 minute yoga class. I now know better. It can be those things. And it can be so much more. For me, my current form of self-care is showers at night. Yes, showers. Roll with me, after an 8-10 hour work day, coming home and making dinner for my husband and I, maybe tidying up the house or throwing some clothes in the washing machine I take the hottest, longest shower, that’s on my spirit to take. It may be 25 minutes. It may be an hour. I do not rush. I calmly and slowly go through my shower routine, playing tunes in the background, maybe even dancing if one of MY JAMS comes on. I am fully present in that 25 -60 minutes. Letting the water wash away all the dirt, stress, worry, and frustrations of the day.

Once I’m done, I head to my vanity and proceed with my nighttime routine. My husband makes fun of me all the time saying that when I head to my vanity he knows he won’t see me for while. It’s all in good fun but he’s right. Sometimes I do take quite awhile. Applying body oil, moisturizer, brushing my hair, finding my pajamas is all part of the process.

I could have had the worst day. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, did. Once I’ve completeed my shower and post shower routines I feel so calm. So relaxed. I inhale a little deeper. I exhale a little slower. Isn’t that what taking care of yourself is supposed to do?

Don’t worry about what’s popular. What other people say self-health looks. Find that thing that makes you inhale a little deeper and exhale a little slower.

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