June Jots…

So, I’m sitting at my desk thinking about posting to my blog. “But what do I write?” 

I’ve whittled down my topics to basically just food and beauty. I’m not in a mood to post about either but I am in a mood to post. Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking…………LIGHT BULB! Why don’t I do June Jots!

So what exactly is June Jots. It’s something I came up with to get me to post everyday (or almost everyday). The topics will not be predetermined. The layout will not always be lengthy and fancy.

Lately I’ve felt a disconnect with the stuff I post about. Yes beauty and hair are trends now and everyone loves to read about new makeup and new skincare. I’m guilty. But I’m so much more. My interest are so much more.

The great thing about having so much information at your fingertips is the level of access you have to success stories. How people took a hobby and turned it into a brand. For me that interest is blogging. I LOVE it. I love communicating with people. I love sharing my thoughts. I just love expressing myself through words. Don’t get me wrong, it would be wonderful if I was able to flip this hobby into something lucrative. A way to take it from hobby to full-blown financial support. I’ve read and I’ve listened to countless tips, tricks, suggestions, podcasts, and interviews. Which all have led me to now.

When I started my blog I had visions of grandeur. I thought I would be able to write about and keep up with all of my interest. TV, movies, makeup, skincare, comic books, being a wife, podcasts, music. A lot right? Right. I quickly learned that my original vision needed some tweaking. After researching, listening, and learning other success stories I decided to take the consistent advice of “find your niche.” “Narrow your topics of discussion to one or two things” and apply it to my blog.

It worked, in the beginning. Narrowing my discussion topics provided structure. It allowed me to develop a schedule. It lifted stress. All great things.

Fast-forward a few months to present day. This may not be what I should say but it’s the truth. I’m bored. I enjoy my blog. I enjoy the small group of followers that I’ve accumulated thus far. But personally, something is missing. I’m feeling a void. I need more. I need to be free to post about what my heart desires and not feel like that will run people off. Or not attract them in the first place. The unsaid message in constantly hearing “narrow your topics” is being multifaceted, posting about a plethora of things will somehow keep my blog from being successful (at least that was the hidden message I got from that statement).

I have more faith in people than that. I don’t believe that I can ONLY post about makeup or that I have to ONLY post about food, or health, or any other singular category. What happens when makeup isn’t trending anymore? What happens when being a foodie is no longer a thing? I want Major Morris to outlast trends. I want Major Morris to be a place a person could spend hours perusing.

Beyond that I, as the creator. The Editor and Chief of Major Morris need to be happy. I started Major Morris to fill a creative void. I did not start this to make money (although it would be nice). I started Major Morris to have a place for me. A place to express myself, my visions, my thoughts, my observations. To have fun conversations about beauty, food, makeup, and everything in-between.

On the road of figuring out what “success” would look like. I forgot to just have fun. To not worry about what someone else did to make. To do me and not try to emulate anyone else’s recipe. I forgot to make sure my content not only feeds and entertains others but that it also fulfills me. I know there is a happy medium. I just need to find it.

I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will be. If Major Morris is meant to blow-up-u-ate. It will. Until then, I need to take the stress and pressure off. Stop trying to be an overnight success and just trust the process. Let it happen. In the meantime I need to continue to test the waters. Continue to post about a multitude of things and find that happy medium between what draws engagement and what satisfies my void.

To bring it home, June Jots is my attempt at correcting the above. I plan to do daily “jots” which may be anything. A question I was pondering throughout the day. An interesting piece of information I came across. A situation I encountered and how I handled it. Something frivolous like a lip gloss I picked up on my lunch break. Anything. It’s time to break up the monotony.

Introducing, June Jots! If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. If this resonated with you I encourage you to join me. June Jots is not limited to writing. June Jots represents shaking things up, getting out of a rut. So whatever that looks like for you, do it.

Be sure to hashtag June Jots so I can keep up with how you are choosing to shake things up this month. I’m excited. Are you?

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