What I’ve been Using & Loving

Over the last month and a half to two months I’ve been trying some new items. Some for health and some for beauty. Let’s start with my favorite thing. I’ve been using this every night since I purchased it. What am I talking about?

This diffuser by PURE. It is amazing! All you do is fill it with water, drop a few drops of 100% natural oil into the water, turn it on and let the aroma take over your senses. I’d been contemplating getting a diffuser for months. I’d done the research and was aware of the health benefits of aromatherapy. Depending on the oil you use, it can help with headaches, sleep, and mood amongst other things. I found my diffuser at TJ Maxx. Depending on how long you wanted the diffuser to last, 3, 5, 7, 10 hours and the design, the price ranged from $19.99-$29.99. I wanted to use my diffuser overnight so I purchased one that would last for 10 hours. While in the store I quickly pulled up the amazon reviews about this particular brand. They were pretty high overall so I went ahead and bought it. TJ Maxx also had a wide range of oils. Mainly being $5.99 with the more popular ones being $7.99.

I noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep immediately. I feel asleep much faster. I also woke up less throughout the night. Coincidentally I got sick shortly after purchasing the diffuser which gave me the perfect opportunity to really test it out. I went and got an oil blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil to help me breath better. It worked! It helped ease my congestion so I could actually sleep. Since then I’ve gotten a few more oils.

  • Grapefruit good for mental fatigue and headaches.
  • Rosemary good for concentration.
  • Lavender good for relaxation.
  • Clary Sage good for the relief of menstrual cramps

The phenomenal thing about essential oils is they can be used for an array of things. Dropped in bath water, used for massages, dabbed on points of the body for pain relief. Each way provides a different benefit for the body. I’ve learned so much about oils since buying the diffuser it’s amazing.


The next thing I’ve been loving is this Micellar Water by Garnier. Everyone has been ranting and raving about micellar water for awhile now but I was hesitant.

What is micellar water? Basically its water that contains tiny cleansing oil molecules that attract dirt and oil to cleanse the skin without drying it out (so they say). Supposedly you could use micellar water to completely remove makeup and that would be all you needed to use……supposedly. I don’t trust it that much.

How do I use micellar water? In the morning as a gentle cleansing rinse. I think washing my face twice a day with a full-fledged cleaner is too harsh. Therefore I typically deep cleanse at night. In the mornings I take a big cotton round, douse it with micellar water, thoroughly wipe my face down, then splash a few handfuls of water on my face to get rid of any residue. I have to say it has been working wonderfully. It’s not drying. It hasn’t caused any skin irritation and it’s extremely gentle. Garnier also makes a sensitive version. That one has a blue cap if I’m not mistaken.

img_8636The last thing that I stumbled upon was a new hand soap. What’s so special about this hand soap? It’s made from fruit and vegetable extracts using cold pressed technology. If you are unfamiliar with cold pressed technology it’s a way to extract the highest potency of live enzymes and nutrients from plants, vegetables, and fruit. It’s usually used in juicing. This is the first time I’ve seen it used outside of juicing.

It’s a bit more than most other hand soaps at $4.99. Before you roll your eyes or skip on past the rest of this section, for every product you buy Raw Sugar donates a bar of soap to a person in need. Awesome right!? I don’t mind spending an extra dollar or two on a product that I know the company is giving back in some way shape or form. Plus I really love the hand soap.

Whelp that’s it. A few things I’ve been secretly loving that I wanted to share. I hope you try out a thing or two. If so, let me know what you decided to try and if you love it or hate it.

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